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Engaging health and safety communications for staff and contractors.

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The Alchemist of Video production

Health and safety videos you actually want to watch! Our truly memorable film-style and animations quickly wins over the hearts and minds of staff and contractors on site. It’s messaging that’s simple, effective and interesting to watch. 

With our experience in producing health and safety communications, we can engage your staff and contractors in various health and safety video messages. Covering key topics from process safety, to life saving rules, working at height, confined spaces, driving safety and so on – custom health and safety videos will transform your message into one which is simple but effective. Producing dynamic safety messages in various styles, we create animations and films that take your health and safety communications to the next level. Health and safety video production has never looked so good!

As the top-rated video production company in Yorkshire, we work with organisations large and small across the UK and the world, telling your Why, How, What? in an engaging way and transforming your communications through film. Our BBC background ensures a high-quality broadcast experience on every project, working in sync with your company goals and strategy, shaping your campaign through video content that’s within your budget and delivers results.

The Works

  • Content development
  • Script writing
  • Motion design
  • Custom graphics
  • Video production
  • Animation
  • Drone filming
  • Subtitling
  • Multi language options
The Alchemist of Video production
The Alchemist of Video production

Safety content

  • Health and safety training videos
  • Case study videos
  • Accident reconstruction videos
  • PPE and site safety videos
  • Process safety
  • Life saving rules
  • General safety
  • Site safety induction videos
  • Induction programmes
  • Staff and contractor site safety topics

Key Ingredients

As an industry specialist, we are diligent professionals with an eye for detail. From the planning stages through to the final video edits we’re a joy to work with but we always insist on doing things the right way. High quality video content can only be achieved through well-planned, thoughtful scripting and strategic content development. Being unique and creative is key to the mix to ensure your film stands out from the crowd; whilst remaining practical so your target audience stays fully engaged in your message.

Working with the Alchemists

We’re easy going humans. Our aim is to grow together and support you on your filmic journey, putting heart, soul and laughter into every production we create for you. As a friend and brand ambassador, we care about each and every one of our clients; to us, relationships are the most important and valued thing. We always offer our best selves and our complete attention, every step of the way. Our promise to you is this: we get the job done.

Unfold the Factory Gold

There are millions of ways to tell a good story, video formats vary from message to message and from company to company. All our video productions are bespoke, taking on many forms. When it comes to health and safety video production – we have you covered! Our experience of producing health and safety videos is vast, covering a range of key topics such as process safety videos, life saving rules videos, health and safety induction video, working at height videos and so on.

Engie subcontractors health and safety training video
Engie confined spaces health and safety animated video
engie life saving rules health and safety animated training video production

Health and safety training videos are probably the most popular type of health and safety video production. Training videos are used by sites when they want to detail key bits of information for staff, contractors and visitors attending a site. Health and Safety induction videos can be produced in many formats. Some focus on information that is presented in standard site manuals such as emergency procedures, muster points, fire alarm tests, working processes and procedures and so on. Other health and safety training videos will focus on specific themes that need to be presented to contractors before working on site, for example working at height videos or safety rules videos.

Health and Safety videos can focus on a wide variety of topics that fall under general health and safety. Video content used to communicate key safety themes is important for lots of companies. Good health and safety videos provide simple but effective safety information in a style and format that’s easy to understand and interesting to watch. For example health and safety videos can be used to raise awareness of initiatives like company life saving rules, or to highlight specific process safety content for industrial sites. These videos could cover a range of other topics such as fire safety, occupational health and safety and driving safety.

2D animated content for health and safety video topics such as confined spaces, working at height and life saving rules refreshes and brings very important messaging to life. Information presented in this style is simple but very effective. Equally 3D animation for health and safety topics can provide an unique perspective. 3D animations are suitable for safety reconstructions to highlight lessons learnt from accidents and incidents that have happened in the past. 3D animation is also ideal to show site structures and access points providing maps, layouts and directional information for such as safe zones.

Health and safety animation videos allows you to create any environment, character, process, scenario you like which is ideal for communicating key health and safety themes


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