Drone Videography and Aerial Filming

Display a unique and dramatic perspective through the power of flight.

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Drone Videography Showreel

Can you imagine a world where you can film anything without access being a restriction? It’s here and it’s real in the form of drone technology, allowing cameras to go above and beyond what was once possible to produce imagery that is breath-taking.

With experience in drone video production, aerial filming and photography, we can provide you with a totally unique perspective to your story. Capturing all scales of sites, inside and out, drone is the perfect antidote to anything we might call ‘normal’, a dynamic and impactful aerial video having plenty of wow factor to liven up any video production. Allowing remote access to sites, tunnels, confined spaces tanks and pipework gives it a specific vantage point for any video survey and aerial inspection work.

As the top-rated video production company in Yorkshire, we work with organisations large and small across the UK and the world, telling your Why, How, What? in an engaging way and transforming your communications through film. Our BBC background ensures a high-quality broadcast experience on every project, working in sync with your company goals and strategy, shaping your campaign through video content that’s within your budget and delivers results.

Stockport Drone Videography and Aerial Filming
GMI Aflex Hose Drone Video Production
GMI Refinery Drone Aerial Filming Construction Video
GMI Thorpe professional drone video production
GMI Burlington Drone filming services
GMI Excelsior Manchester Drone video service for Construction

The Works

  • Drone aerial filming
  • Aerial photography
  • Building surveying
  • Internal surveying
  • Site surveying
Drone inspections and aerial filming throughout the UK

Key Ingredients

As an industry specialist, we are diligent professionals with an eye for detail. From the planning stages through to the final video edits we’re a joy to work with but we always insist on doing things the right way. High quality video content can only be achieved through well-planned, thoughtful scripting and strategic content development. Being unique and creative is key to the mix to ensure your film stands out from the crowd; whilst remaining practical so your target audience stays fully engaged in your message.

Working with the Alchemists

We’re easy going humans. Our aim is to grow together and support you on your filmic journey, putting heart, soul and laughter into every production we create for you. As a friend and brand ambassador, we care about each and every one of our clients; to us, relationships are the most important and valued thing. We always offer our best selves and our complete attention, every step of the way. Our promise to you is this: we get the job done.


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