Behind The Scenes Of Corporate Video Production

A sneaky peek into the wonderful world of filmmaking and video productions.

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Cole And Wilson Corporate Video

Product videos for protective headwear

We worked with Gentex Europe to create a series of short and effective product videos. These video productions included filmed content as well as 3D animation and motion graphics. The videos combined music with fast paced editing to showcase these products in action. We capture industrial processes in the making of such as welding and grinding.

Training videos for a manufacturing plant

For Corrocoat we created a training video as part of their overall brand communications. We also incorporated 3D video production and captured video demonstrations of products under testing. This showed the process of how their products were tested providing a true and authentic picture of their products capabilities, all captured on film.

Cole And Wilson Corporate Video
Cole And Wilson Corporate Video

Glass bottle manufacturing video

We’ve worked with Ardagh for a long time capturing their entire glass bottle production process through the power of video, animation and 3D animation. These video have been used for a wide variety of purposes such as training, induction material and for sales meetings. The video series provides an in depth behind the scenes look into their world of manufacturing.

Bed manufacturer brand and product films

Our video work for La Romantica gave bed manufacturing a new look. Using video to capture people’s imagination as well as slow motion video capture. The videos we’ve created for this company have incorporated humour as well as the videos we’ve produced that demonstrate professionalism and quality.

Cole And Wilson Corporate Video
Cole And Wilson Corporate Video

Event filming and interview based videos

We worked with SCE to create a charity event video, capturing video interviews and audio soundbites. Capturing the audience’s viewpoints at events is a great way to tell a story through a variety of people on film, enhancing the clients overall brand and reputation.

360 Virtual Showroom Tour

This showroom video production gave a 360 view of a new property development for our client at Duchy homes. Video is an ideal format to capture new builds and showcase the size of rooms, the features and detail of the property when people cannot physically visit. 360 virtual tours and site walk rounds captured on film are an idea format. Mixing this will drone footage too will elevate your overall communication.

Cole And Wilson Corporate Video
Glencroft Behind The Scenes

Brand and heritage film

We created a brand film for Glencroft to communicate their new product lines and showcase their family run business. This video project incorporated drone footage as well as site filming, capturing the personalities within the business and helping Glencroft to tell their story. Video for them proved to be a powerful and emotion medium to attract and win new business.

Company Overview Video

For this video we worked with Croda Energy Technologies to produce a pair of videos highlighting the company’s environmentally friendly energy solutions, in the form of a shorter brand overview and a longer company case study.

Croda Behind The Scenes
Crime and Fire Behind The Scenes

Security equipment showcase film

This video showcases a time-lapse that looks at the creation and modelling of defence systems for a 3D animated video for our client Crime and Fire.

3D animated windfarm construction project

This video for Moray West showcases a time-lapse that details the modelling of a windfarm construction project.


2D Animated Explainer Video

This behind the scenes video looks at the development of a 2D animated video for one of our clients, featuring the creation of graphics and character models.

Behind The Scenes | Our Short Films

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