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The alchemists of industrial film strategy


Unearthing the sweet hook that will carry your true message takes insight, skill and a deeper kind of bond.

We go behind the scenes of your site, your people, your brand and the market to provide video solutions and a strategic plan that captures attention, tells a good story and ultimately drives engagement.


People buy from people and we’re all swayed by messages with meaning, so we are always on the hunt for a good story.

We find ways to explain what you do and who you are in the most engaging and compelling way possible. Great stories capture attention and create a lasting, emotive connection that truly builds brands.


We’re a joy to work with but we absolutely insist on doing things the right way.

If we make a promise, we get it done.

We offer our best selves and our complete attention to the smallest of details, every step of the way.


As our friends and brand ambassadors, we care about every single one of our clients.

We grow together and support you on your filmic journey, pouring heart, soul and laughter into everything we do.

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The Alchemist’s Store

Handcrafted range cookers that raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Detergent production lines that have you baying for the sequel. Health and Safety training videos you actually want to watch. Take a look inside our world of creative industrial storytelling and get in touch if you like what you see.

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We align ourselves with a variety of interesting and dedicated businesses. Committed to driving their company forward through the relationships they build with their clients, staff and suppliers.

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From how to's, what's new, top tips and industry trips, our blogs aim to inform you in all aspects of our video production journey.

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