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What is our video production subscription service?

Our video production subscription service is designed for companies requiring affordable, regular content for social media purposes. This content focuses on short snippets of video combined with our YouTube search engine optimisation (SEO) set up. This combination will help to boost your YouTube channel, by posting regular content and drive traffic to your website. These short snippets will also provide additional visual content for social media channels.

Benefits of video production packages

  • You pay a fixed amount each month which makes it easier to budget.
  • You benefit from regular video(s) each month, consistency is key for building engagement.
  • Save time and money building a content library.
  • Avoid ‘content droughts’ and have regular visual content to showcase.
  • Improve your YouTube channel performance and power by having regular content to optimise to drive traffic back to your website. 
  • Look active and busy to your brand followers.
  • Track your YouTube statistics to measure your return on investment.
  • Minimum 3 month contract then cancel at any time. Trust us you won’t want to!

How much do our video production packages cost?

We can offer a range of fixed packages for this service designed to suit your level of needs* If you’re not sure which package you’re best suited to then give us a call on 0113 288 3245  and we can help guide you.


£45000 +VATMonthly
  • x1 final edited video up to 60 seconds
  • Contains b-roll footage/sound bites or both
  • Half a day filming on site
  • Editing
  • Includes on screen text & music
  • x2 sets of amends
  • Supply of final video 1080p


£60000 + VATMonthly (most popular)
  • x1 final edited video up to 90 seconds
  • Contains b-roll footage/sound bites or both
  • Half a day filming on site
  • Editing
  • Includes on screen text & music
  • x2 sets of amends
  • Supply of final video in 4K and 1080p
  • Upload to YouTube
  • YouTube video SEO set up

Boost +

£95000 + VAT Monthly
  • X3 final edited videos up to 60 seconds (per video)
  • Contains b-roll footage/sound bites or both
  • Full day filming on site(s)
  • Videos all shot the same day (up to two locations in close proximity)
  • Editing
  • Includes on screen text & music
  • X2 set of amends (per video)
  • Supply of final video in 4K and 1080p
  • Includes subtitled versions
  • Upload to YouTube
  • YouTube video SEO set up

*Please note that these prices can only be offered to locations within a 40 mile radius of our location. For locations further afield we will have to adapt the package price to reflect additional travel requirements. 

Not sure and need some advice?

Get in touch and our friendly team can help guide you.



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What type of content is suitable for this subscription model?

The subscription service works best for short promotional marketing content and internal communications topics that can be packaged into 60-90 seconds.

Here are a few potential uses;

  • Internal communications: Company updates & announcements, CEO messages/values/culture, recruitment, CSR, staff incentives, events, stakeholder relations, onboarding, staff/day in life of, business FAQs etc
  • External communications: PR and news, events, investor and stakeholder relations, recruitment, health and safety, charitable work and partnerships, 
  • Marketing and promotional: products and service videos, showcasing people and premises, customer testimonials, social videos, how-to videos, educational and learning, product demonstration, behind the scenes, employee portrait videos, short Q&A.

What type of content is NOT suitable for this subscription model?

Anything that requires a higher level of video production and a team around it to produce. Such as brand films and case studies etc that may require more strategic work or the use of third parties artists such as actors and voice overs. Videos requiring a studio and specific sound design would also fall into this remit. If you’re looking for something other than a one person camera/editor you’ll need to talk to us about our stand alone video production services. If you’re not sure what route is best then please give us a call and our friendly team will help guide you.

How does it work?

Our simple template structure makes commissioning monthly video very simple:

STEP ONE: Decide and plan when you’d like our filmmaker to come to site for that month.

STEP TWO: Agree with us the focus for the video that month & supply us with your brand assets (logos, fonts, colours)

STEP THREE: Capture the footage on site. Either filming sound bites or b-roll or both.

STEP FOUR: Edit the footage together in a short video and supply a first draft. 

STEP FIVE: Review the footage and suggest any tweaks. 

STEP SIX: Supply the final video(s).

STEP SEVEN: Upload the final video(s) to your YouTube channel. 

STEP EIGHT: Set up and optimise the video(s) for best results.

STEP NINE: Post your videos on your other social media channels.

STEP TEN: Enjoy regular, consistent content and plan for next month!


The minimum commitment is 3 months and after that you can cancel at any time. We recommend 3 months as it’s the best way to test and measure your content, plus you can see how much value you’ll get back from it. Trust us you won’t want to cancel!

If you’d like more flexibility in the type of content and video you’d like to produce then you’d need to speak to us about our bespoke video production services. Our subscription service just covers basic filming and editing for quick social media videos. This is why we can offer it at a much lower cost as the main elements of the video production have been removed. 

It depends on which video production package you have selected but it will either be one 60 second video, one 90 second video or x3 60 second videos each month.

B-roll footage is often used to cut away to and provide context and visual interest to help tell your story. It’s secondary footage to the main footage which may be a person being interviewed or speaking to camera.

A sound bite is a brief recorded statement or snippet. It could be a person saying something directly to the camera or directly to someone off camera. 

If you miss a months content then we can carry it to the next month and produce two for you in the following month. But we couldn’t carry over anymore than a months content.

YouTube SEO is a very important part of digital marketing. It helps to increase the visibility of your video and increase its organic traffic.

YouTube SEO is not just about optimising the video for search engines, it also includes optimising the title, description, tags, and other metadata. The goal is to make sure that when people search for videos on YouTube or Google, your video will appear in their search results.

The process can be broken down into three steps: On-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, and link building.

As part of the service, we will optimise your videos for you, allowing you to get the best engagement on your video content.

Social media video production is a form of marketing that involves the use of videos on social media channels.

There are many reasons why a company would want to produce a video on social media channels. The most common ones are to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and create an emotional connection with their audience.

Social media is a vital tool for businesses to maintain their online presence. It is the platform where they can interact with their customers, post updates and generate leads.

For video-based social media, Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms. The former has 1 billion active monthly users while the latter has 700 million monthly active users.

The main reason why Facebook is preferred over Instagram for video posts is that it allows videos to be longer than 15 seconds which means more content can be shared in one post.

On the other hand, Instagram may not be as popular as Facebook but it does have some advantages for video marketing such as its fast growing user base and its visual nature which makes it easier to create engaging content that grabs attention.

The key to successful video marketing is to have a clear goal in mind before you start filming so that the content aligns with the objective.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start filming: What do I want my audience to take away from this video? Who am I targeting?


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