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Virtual Reality Video Production

VR Video Production

Virtual reality video production is a type of video content that allows the user to escape into an interactive world. The world can be graphical or a real world environment. The user can interact with the environment by moving around the image or by moving their position within the image. Users might also be able to perform tasks within the virtual world where artificial intelligence and gaming technology works alongside the virtual experience.

VR normally falls into 3 main categories. Fully immersive, semi-immersive and non-immersive.

The Works

  • Fully immersive virtual reality video production
  • Semi-immersive virtual reality video production
  • Non-immersive virtual reality video production
  • 360 filming and video footage
  • 360 imaging and stills
  • 360 video production with drone filming
  • Virtual tour video production
  • Virtual tour 3D modelling and imaging
Virtual Reality Video Production

VR video can be used in a multitude of ways.

  • Training and development – to learn how to perform tasks safely or access an environment safely before doing it in the real world.
  • Marketing and promotion – to showcase site facilities when it’s harder for visitors to access or to demonstrate new products or prototypes in action.
  • For entertainment – to create an experience for your customers and clients that they will never forget helping make your brand memorable and to stand out from the crowd.

Virtual reality content is produced in two parts. The first part involves creating the virtual world or model the user will interact with. This might consist of a place based on a real environment and made to look life like or could be a fantasy non fictional environment. The model will be created in a way that the user will be able to move through it and interact with different elements within it. This type of content is produced by a 3D modeller or animator.

The second part is then to create the virtual experience. This is where a developer will create the elements that can be moved. For example characters or vehicles in the model might be given some form of artificial intelligence so they can move around the model and perform their own actions. The map within the model will be created too which will allow the user to move around as if they are within the model themselves. This model is then rendered within a gaming engine to allow for the high quality rendering whilst live action is taking place.

It’s important that the company you choose for this type of project has good 3D animation and 3D modelling experience. If you’re wanting to create an environment that’s photorealistic then the company will need a high level of experience to replicate that type of look. Ideally you would want to choose a company that also worked with similar types of organisations as they will be used too creating content for those companies. For example we produce a lot of content for industrial companies like manufacturing, engineering and construction so our experience would be best placed for clients in those sectors.

Virtual Reality Video Production

What is Fully-Immersive Virtual Reality?

Fully immersive VR is when the user fully steps inside a virtual synthetic world. This world is an artificial environment built for simulations, gaming, training, virtual exhibition experiences or for entertainment purposes. Normally the user would have a headset plugged into a high powered PC to run the virtual reality.

The headset allows the user to see and listen to the visual and sound aspect of the video, and controllers can allow the user to touch and pick up elements if included. Another key functionality is the ability to move around the area of the video, to get closer to different parts of the area. The user can also click on hotspots to load more information such as text, photos and videos.

What is Semi-Immersive Virtual Reality?

Semi-immersive VR is when graphical content is combined with another form of technology. For example airline pilots undergoing training may use equipment alongside a virtual reality projection. This technology can be very helpful for specific training requirements where the user can access the VR environment first and learn tasks safely before progressing onto the real thing.

Virtual Reality Video Production
Virtual Reality Video Production

What is Non-Immersive Virtual Reality?

Non-immersive VR is when the user can interact with a virtual environment but in a limited way. General gaming could typically fall into this category where the user controls something within a graphical world but isn’t immersed within it.

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360 Video Production & Virtual Tours

Virtual Reality Video Production

360 video is literally a view in every direction. The user can scroll through the image and see everything at the top and bottom of the shot and all the way around it. 360 video is created by stitching video together in a software to allow a seamless full panoramic view.

When it comes to seeing a site, product or location in full, nothing beats the power of 360 video. With the ability to portray the subject matter in just one shot this truly efficient and immersive media can make for extremely effective footage whatever story you’re telling.

Working with the latest tools and techniques our 360 video ensures you’re capturing a unique perspective that is perfect in portraying all sides of your work site.

Yes it can. Our 360 camera can be attached to a drone and deployed into a hard to reach location for 360 virtual inspection. This allows us to get up close and personal with our subject, normally plant and equipment in a remote and safe way and provide a full panoramic. It’s highly effective to customers who need to take a deeper look at a site’s intricacies, producing valuable imaging for better informed decision-making when making maintenance or operations plans.

A virtual tour is similar to 360 video but inbuilt into it are other multimedia elements that allow you to navigate forwards and backwards. This allows the user the move through the virtual site and decide where they want to go. Virtual tours can be created using stitched video and photographs. Property developers use virtual tours fairly often to walk someone around a house that isn’t built yet but can help show them what it might look like. This is useful for large developers when they might want their audience to navigate around the whole estate and look at different types of properties.

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