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What is 2D animation video?

2D animation production is exactly what it says on the tin, a colourful, vibrant and fun style of video with two dimensional graphics and text to tell your story in an engaging and appealing way. A truly memorable film-style, animation quickly wins over the hearts and minds of its audience. It’s safe, it’s familiar and it’s clear – making it a genuine story-telling winner.

How does a 2D animated production work?

Creating a storyboard is a key aspect of 2D animation, this details how the story and message will come together. A graphic designer can then design the images required and the animator uses their skillset to bring these graphics to life by creating movements and transitions.

How much does a 2D animation studio cost to work with?

In comparison to video production, 2D video animation costs can at times be more cost effective as less resources are needed. An animator is needed to carry out the animation production which can be quite time consuming so time is to be considered in price. A graphic designer may also be required if your video contains bespoke graphics rather than stock. A voiceover artist may also be utilised to help tell the story. If you want to include a variety of different versions of your video in different languages, this should also be considered in the cost.

Our approach

With our experience in 2D animation video and product animation, we can showcase business communications whatever their shape or size, using custom or stock graphics – or both – to transform your message into one which is simple but effective. Producing dynamic transitions in multiple styles, we’re a 2D animation company that creates animated videos for business with a real ‘wow’ factor: slick, sophisticated and stylish. 2D animated production has never looked so good! As the top-rated corporate video production company in Yorkshire, we work with organisations large and small across the UK and the world, telling your story. Our BBC background ensures a high-quality broadcast experience on every project, working in sync with your company goals and strategy, shaping your campaign through video content that’s within your budget and delivers results.

Visit our process page to find out what goes into a video production.

Elements of 2D Video Animation

  • Animation content development – planning all steps and the process of the 2D animated video.
  • Script writing – the writing down of the movement, actions, expression and dialogue of your video’s story.
  • Motion design animation – the crafting of the movement of the video animation.
  • Customised graphic design – design of all motion graphics to meet your needs and wants.
  • Animation production – the works and building of your 2D animation.
  • Animated subtitles – the creation of animated wording in your 2D video.
  • Multi language options – implementation of multi language voiceovers across different versions of your video.
  • Illustration – the drawing and framework of the animated elements.

Explainer Company Video

This 2D animated video production is probably the most popular type of video animation. The animated explainer video, details a product or service in a short, snappy and punchy way. A company utilising an animated explainer video can detail features and benefits along the way, use character animation or animate objects and environments to give the video a custom feel. Explainer videos also add vibrancy and provide a unique way of describing a company, business, or giving a demonstration where a filmed video production isn’t as relevant.

2D Animated Video Production 1
engie health and safety animated video production

Animated Videos for Business

2D animated video is a great way for businesses to demonstrate their personality. 2D animation can be custom produced for commercial and corporate use. 2D animated video productions provide an opportunity for businesses to create content that is more likely to engage quickly with their audience. 2D animation to educate, entertain and inform customers gives companies a commercial opportunity to sell more of their businesses products and services.

2D Product Animation

2D product animation, a type of video production is a great way to showcase your business product in a truly unique and creative way. 2D product animation unlike 3D animation provides a 2D visual representation of your product. This format is less in depth than 3D and is better suited to telling a story about the product itself, how it works or how it might interaction with a person or environment. This provides businesses with an ideal animated sales video tool that is completely custom. A 2D animated product video could also be used to provide an animated product demonstration, showing a concept or how a new product coming to market might work.

Pest West 2d animation explainer video
engie health and safety animated video production

Health & Safety Animation

This type of 2D animated video production is educational, topical and information based. Updating traditional health and safety content into a modern animated design offers a different perspective and approach to presenting information that is otherwise ‘dull and uninspiring’. 2D animation production for health and safety themes such as confined spaces, working at height and life saving rules refreshes and brings very important messaging to life. Businesses and companies can benefit from custom animated video content that is designed to innovate, engage and inspire.

Animated Marketing Videos

Marketing videos can be produced in a number of different ways. The benefit of using animated content means the video production can be changed at a later stage with very little fuss and effort. Unlike filmed video content that can out date quickly, animation once it’s built can be easily added to or adapted for another purpose. Animated marketing videos help companies to capture their audiences attention, through fast paced custom designed graphics and interesting transitions. Marketing videos using animation can be utilised on all major digital platforms as well as a businesses website. Animated marketing videos are the perfect custom sales tool for many companies.

Prosight animated promotional video
Prosight animated promotional video

Frequently Asked Questions

2D animation is a great tool for standing out from the crowd. Animating a story allows you to do things you couldn’t manage with a live action video, which means animated video can be useful in showing the ins and outs of a product or explaining a health and safety video in a punchier and more engaging way.

The animated explainer video, details a product or service in a short, snappy and punchy way. 2D product animation, a type of video production is a great way to showcase your businesses products in a truly unique and creative way. This format is less in depth than 3D and is better suited to telling a story about the product itself. The 2D animated video production that teaches health and safety is educational, topical and information based.

The pre-production process includes planning, storyboarding and scripting. The production and post-production is mixed into one stage, where the development and editing of the animation is all in one.

Animation is a complicated method of filmmaking and very time consuming. However the results are worth every minute, which is why it is as prevalent today as it ever has been. Good animations are created by experienced motion graphics designers and 2D artists. Basic animations with simple moving text are easier to produce but these can often lack engagement as the scenes are more like a powerpoint presentation.


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