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Health and safety animation video production comes in a variety of forms. It is the ideal format for health and safety training videos. Health & safety animation allows you to create any environment, character, process, scenario you like which is ideal for communicating key health & safety themes.

For example some sites may be too difficult to access, such as a confined space. Health and safety animation therefore is the perfect solution as the environment can be created. Other aspects such as ‘control of floor openings’ whereby you’re showing a person and a process might also be challenging to re create in a filmed format. Animation gives you the control over the environment and the people within it, so your health and safety video can be completely tailored towards the message you are trying to convey. This can save time and speed up the health and safety video production process.

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3D Animation Video

3D animation video production gives you a full 3D environment, look and feel. This is more detailed and immersive than 2D animation, providing more realistic textures, materials and lighting techniques. 3D animation is ideal if you’re showing a more technical based process or something that requires a higher level of detail. This might be for a reconstruction of an incident for example. 3D animation is also ideal to show site structures and access points providing maps, layouts and directional information for such as safe zones.

RWE 2D Animated Video
toureen health and safety animated video production

At Shot Blast Media, we can mix live action video with 2D or 3D animation, such as in the Toureen Group example opposite. This is an effective approach in order to educate your audience on site safety rules and training. 3D animation intertwined with live action video is a really great use of motion graphics and will help your audience remember their training even more. We aim to make memorable health and safety videos in the industrial sector, which is helped by being able to integrate animation and motion graphics into live action video production.

2D Animation Video

2D animation gives a more simplistic look and feel. This is the ideal format for making health and safety videos more engaging or appealing to watch. 2D animation can provide a basic outline, in some cases it can appear to be more cartoon like, featuring graphics, characters and text. This format works well for conveying key themes and topics or providing a general overview of a safety topic. Themes that have worked well for this style of animation include site safety rules, life saving rules, risk assessment, working with contractors videos etc.

engie health and safety animated video production
engie health and safety animated video production

2D animations can be produced using a variety of vector graphics, either working from a clients pre existing assets or custom designing new graphics and pictograms. This ensures the vector graphics are fully branded and customised towards the clients requirements. 2D animated videos can be presented in a variety of ways, through characters, stop motion, motion graphics, screen capture and typography for example. Some projects might also combine both 3D and 2D where a project might use 3D camera movements to give a sense of depth and dimension.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is all very dependent on what type of video you want. Do you want a video production, a 2D or 3D animated training video? All three forms are well suited to safety videos but cost can vary depending on what you want and what methods may be best for what you want to say.

Health and safety induction video is so important as it integrates new employees into the company. It’s important so that they can quickly understand the new systems and procedures and it gives them a senses of belonging. It’s also important for the business to communicate key information and ensure their new staff and contractors get their questions answered. This will ensure the business is compliant and that staff stay within the business for the months and years to come. Good inductions can be delivered via video training, or in face to face or group settings.

Site safety induction and training videos are used for sites when they want to detail key bits of information for staff, contractors and visitors attending a site. 2D animated content for health and safety video topics such as confined spaces, working at height and life saving rules refreshes and brings very important messaging to life. Information presented in this style is simple but very effective.

A health and safety induction should include a number of different things. Firstly it should outline all the key information that is detailed within the companies Health and Safety policy. This might include things such as Accident reporting, fire evacuation procedures, First aid arrangements, key welfare locations, Prohibited areas, site safety rules and potential risks and hazards on site.

Health and Safety videos can be just as effective in any video format, some need to be told in certain ways to make their messaging get across properly to the audience. For example live action may work better for accident reconstruction or communicating a first account of something. Site safety induction videos can be produced in animation and live action filming. Topics that are complex to understand may benefit from being broken down into smaller bitesize topics communicated possibly through animation.

Video itself is a very engaging way of getting health and safety information across than reading materials or powerpoint presentations. In animation for example, the use of colour and characters can appeal to your audience’s senses more positively and hook them in. Using people in the film too can create content that is relatable and personable to that site or company which often creates much higher levels of engagement than written material with no story.

There are many ways to promote a safety culture at work. Training is an obvious one. Rewarding people for safe behaviours. Using safety champions to filter messages & build a safety culture. Video tools including interactive video. Posters and signage. Staff intranet. Tool box talk meetings. Encourage feedback and discussion. Workplace risk assessments. Investigating accidents an incidents looking at root causes. The key thing that connects everything is good communication, that’s clear, simple and easy to understand.

Safety videos are becoming more and more popular for companies to use as video communications become more and more relevant, especially in the case of evolving health and safety communications.

Site safety rules are the key important steps that staff and contractors MUST pay attention to and follow whilst on site. They should be simple, clear and easy to understand and communicated to everyone attending site. Site safety rules videos and posters are a great way to capture people’s attention and engage them in the safety messages. The details of the rules should be communicated in inductions, safety talks and meetings.

Yes, we can cater to your guidelines and match everything including style, font, colours and tone.

Yes, we can add a suitable music track if this is what you desire for the video. We will pick a music track that sets the tone of the video and intrigues the audience.

We have a fantastic large music library with all sorts of genres and moods, so we will find one to fit perfectly with your health and safety video.

Yes, we can. The Shot Blast Media team are fantastic at coming up with unique and engaging video content for businesses to use. We have more than 10 years’ experience in video creation and we excel in creating impressive health and safety videos.

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