Health and Safety Video Animation

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Health and safety animation video comes in a variety of forms. It is the ideal format for health and safety training videos. Health & safety animation allows you to create any environment, character, process, scenario you like which is ideal for communicating key health & safety themes.

For example some sites may be too difficult to access, such as a confined space. Health and safety animation therefore is the perfect solution as the environment can be created. Other aspects such as ‘control of floor openings’ whereby you’re showing a person and a process might also be challenging to re create in a filmed format. Animation gives you the control over the environment and the people within it, so your health and safety video can be completely tailored towards the message you are trying to convey. This can save time and speed up the health and safety video production process.

3D Animation Video

3D animation video production gives you a full 3D environment, look and feel. This is more detailed and immersive than 2D animation, providing more realistic textures, materials and lighting techniques. 3D animation is ideal if you’re showing a more technical based process or something that requires a higher level of detail. This might be for a reconstruction of an incident for example. 3D animation is also ideal to show site structures and access points providing maps, layouts and directional information for such as safe zones.

RWE 2D Animated Video
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2D Animation Video

2D animation gives a more simplistic look and feel. This is the ideal format for making health and safety videos more engaging or appealing to watch. 2D animation can provide a basic outline, in some cases it can appear to be more cartoon like, featuring graphics, characters and text. This format works well for conveying key themes and topics or providing a general overview of a safety topic. Themes that have worked well for this style of animation include site safety rules, life saving rules, risk assessment, working with contractors videos etc.

2D animations can be produced using a variety of vector graphics, either working from a clients pre existing assets or custom designing new graphics and pictograms. This ensures the vector graphics are fully branded and customised towards the clients requirements. 2D animated videos can be presented in a variety of ways, through characters, stop motion, motion graphics, screen capture and typography for example. Some projects might also combine both 3D and 2D where a project might use 3D camera movements to give a sense of depth and dimension.

engie health and safety animated video production
Health And Safety Video Production

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