Health and Safety Training Videos

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Health and safety training videos are a key part of health and safety communications. Videos combined with posters, toolbox talks, site inductions, health and safety ambassadors, questionnaires all form part of a robust health and safety programme on site.

The HSE has a variety of general health and safety videos, aimed at covering general topics such as manual handling, driving safety and safe systems of work. These provide a high level overview which can sometimes be an advantage for some sites.

Most sites however will have their own custom systems of work and safety rules, so we aim to produce bespoke health and safety videos for businesses that are modern, up to date and like to keep staff and contractors engaged in health and safety messaging. From our experience companies that provide consistent and regular health and safety video content benefit from higher retention levels in safety information and overall general engagement. Ultimately this leads to fewer accidents and incidents and more efficient ways of working.

Health and safety training videos can be managed in small bitesize topics tackling a particular theme or area of safety. Here are some examples.

Health and safety induction video

This video production is probably the most popular type of health and safety video. This video is used for sites when they want to detail key bits of information for staff, contractors and visitors attending a site. Health and safety induction videos can be produced in many formats. Some focus on information that is presented in standard site manuals such as emergency procedures, muster points, fire alarm tests, working processes and procedures and so on. Other health and safety induction videos will focus on specific themes that need to be presented to contractors before working on site, for example working at height videos or safety rules videos.

Engie subcontractors health and safety training video
Engie confined spaces health and safety animated video

Confined spaces training video

Confined spaces is a key area of training for industrial companies that require staff and contractors to work within a confined space. Confined spaces videos can provide information such as statutory legislation, safety rules and procedures for managing safe work in confined spaces. Health and safety videos like these should also refer to the role and duties of appointed personnel that will allow staff and contractors to risk assess confined spaces and to develop, communicate and manage safe work, and appropriate emergency procedures.

Working at height training video

Working at height is another area of health and safety training which is key for a lot of industrial companies. Training videos like these should cover all the potential risks of working at height and detail when working at height can ultimately be avoided. The video should outline key prevention methods and detail the type of equipment to be used where the risk cannot be eliminated. Other things such as weather and other personnel should be detailed to provide a through safety training video.

engie health and safety animated video production
Health And Safety Video Production

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