Site Safety Induction Videos

Train your staff, contractors and visitors on key information and site safety rules.

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Site safety induction video is a crucial exercise for all companies to help keep staff, contractors and visitors safe and educated on the potential risks and hazards on site. Health and Safety induction videos are a great way to educate and inform staff of the safe working procedures and how to take necessary precautions in the event of an incident. Video training is ideal for new starters to guide them through the induction process and orientation of a new site environment.

The challenges of health and safety at the workplace.

Most people will know the basics of what they need to do to stay safe, such as wearing PPE and looking out for their own safety as well as others. The main challenge faced by organisations is engaging their audiences to focus on particular safety issues or topics. Some of these topics may include behavioural safety, process safety, general health and safety, fire safety and so on. Many organisations may have toolbox talks, posters and newsletters in place to communicate these strands of safety but this can only reach a limited audience and engagement tends to be low.

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site safety induction videos
Health and Safety Video Induction Training 1
Health and Safety Video Induction Training 2
  • To train staff, contractors and visitors on safety information consistently.
  • To provide a simple and easy to use format that benefits on and off site workers.
  • To provide training in an engaging format, making safety topics more interesting and inspiring.
  • To help manage dangerous risks and hazards which are often hard to show or describe in words.
  • Video is a format that can used continuously, saving time and money on other methods of training.
  • Induction training helps reduce risks and exposure to harm.
  • A high quality training programme improves morale and supports a positive safety culture.

Evidence suggests that people are most at risk when they first enter a new environment or workplace as they are unfamiliar with their surroundings. Induction training helps reduce this risk and exposes them to the culture of the organisation.
It is important that health and safety induction training concentrates on the key information for the site. Content to consider could include:

  • Emergency procedures and evacuation.
  • Site layout and safe zones
  • Key personnel
  • Site risks and hazards
  • Job specific safety

The content should include what is expected of new employees and what the are likely to encounter within the early days of working within a new organisation. Health and safety training should be integrated within all general induction material so it’s clear that safety is a top priority for that organisation.

How to make health and safety induction training engaging.

The best training is delivered in small bitesize pieces of information. That way individual can absorb the main key points and retain what they have learnt. It’s important that individuals are not overloaded with too much information so induction programmes should be short or broken down into smaller topics. Using a variety of mixed media from film to animation will keep the content interesting. The use of storytelling, demonstrations and reconstructions are a good format to consider to keep participants entertained.

Health And Safety Video Production

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