Digital Marketing in Video Production: An Interview with Maddy Goddard

Maddy Goddard joined Shot Blast Media in July 2022 as Digital Marketing Executive. She has worked for a few different firms in Leeds in the marketing industry and graduated from the University of Leeds with a Film, Photography and Media degree. How has your university course helped with your career? My course had a lot of practical elements, meaning that I got the opportunity to learn a lot about filmmaking, editing, photography, motion graphics, scriptwriting, directing and producing. Completing my university course meant that I developed creative copywriting skills as well as practical skills which has definitely helped my career so far, although marketing changes very frequently, meaning there is always new stuff to learn. Although my course was not traditionally marketing related, marketing in the modern day is a lot about the digital world, meaning there is a strong focus towards pictures and videos on social media platforms. My course also gave me the opportunity to do a placement year in industry which meant that I gathered a lot of useful skills from working as an intern in marketing, which definitely helped me get to where I am today. How did you get into the marketing industry? During university summers I worked various marketing internships which led me to do a placement year in marketing for a recruitment company. After this, I worked at a couple more recruitment companies in their marketing teams whilst finishing university. Once I graduated, I was taken on full time at one of [...]

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Celebrating International Women’s Day in the Film Industry

It is important to understand the context of International Women's Day in the film industry and its meaning within today’s society. International Women's Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on March 8th.  It is a day to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women in all aspects of life, from politics to business, education and social activism.  This day serves as a reminder that there is still much work to be done in order for women to achieve true gender equality.  On this day, we are reminded of the importance of standing together and supporting each other in our fight for gender justice.  International Women’s Day is an important day in the film industry as it highlights the contributions of women in film and celebrates their achievements.  It is a day to recognise the unique talents and perspectives that women bring to the film industry, and to encourage more female filmmakers to pursue their dreams.  On this day, we celebrate the contributions of women in the industry, from directors, producers, writers, actors, cinematographers and more. International Women’s Day also serves as a reminder of how far we still have to go in achieving gender parity in the film industry, and encourages us all to continue striving for progress. This day also provides an opportunity for us to come together and support each other in our respective roles in order to create a more inclusive environment for everyone. Did you know that 41 of 2021’s top 100 [...]

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Inspiring Video Production and Marketing Work Experience at Shot Blast Media

Evelyn, a college student completing her A-levels, joined the Shot Blast Media team for a week of video production and marketing work experience in February 2023. Here’s her take on how her week went! My week at Shot Blast Media as a work experience student. Since studying film at A Level, I had developed an interest in filmmaking, especially pre-production and scriptwriting. I was very keen to find work experience with a more hands-on approach to filmmaking than my lectures at college, which teach primarily theory. At Shot Blast Media, I have had a great time being able to experience the process behind making corporate films and the detail that goes into every aspect.  On my third day, the team set up a video call with one of their freelance scriptwriters, Deb Gilbert, which was incredibly insightful. I learnt about how both a creative mind and a logical point of view are needed when writing a concise and effective script for customers who only have a few seconds to get their words across.  Deb told me it's all about having the right words and how to use them to your advantage. I've had a lot of fun learning how to assemble a camera and tripod. We also set up microphones and equipment for a podcast episode, only to find an issue with the microphone.  Going back and forth across a set-up, talking gibberish into two microphones for a day to no avail wasn't quite how I imagined my day [...]

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How To Celebrate Global Movie Day 2023

Global Movie Day is celebrated the second Saturday of February and is a celebration of the power and beauty of cinema. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences established Global Movie Day as a day for film fans around the world to celebrate their most favourite movies and engage with Academy members and filmmakers across social media channels. Global Movie Day strives to bring together people from diverse backgrounds who are united by their love for movies.  It is a day to appreciate the art form and its impact on our lives. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the importance of movies in our culture and society. The event has grown significantly since it began, with millions of people participating in events all over the world. On Global Movie Day, movie fans come together to watch films from different countries, discuss their favourite films, share stories about how movies have impacted them personally, or simply enjoy watching a movie with friends or family.  Whether you're looking for a classic movie night or a more modern streaming experience, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your favourite films.  From streaming them online, to watching them in a cinema or even at home, there are many options available for you and your loved ones to enjoy a good film. Through this celebration of cinema, we can gain insight into different cultures and perspectives while also celebrating our shared love for film. It also provides an opportunity for filmmakers [...]

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The Significance of National Popcorn Day!

​​What and when is National Popcorn Day? National Popcorn Day is a celebration held on January 19th every year. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the delicious snack that has been around for centuries.  The holiday was created to recognise the history and cultural importance of popcorn and to encourage people to enjoy it in all its forms.  The history of popcorn is incredibly interesting. It dates back to ancient times, as early as 5,000 BC, and is believed to have originated in Mexico and Peru, where it was used as a food source by the indigenous people. Popcorn was also popular in Europe during the Middle Ages, and it eventually made its way across the world. Today, popcorn continues to be a popular snack enjoyed by people from all walks of life. From movie nights with friends, to family game night, popcorn can be enjoyed in many different ways.  What else do we associate popcorn with? Popcorn is often used as a metaphor for suspense or excitement, or even as a visual representation of the passage of time.  This snack has also become associated with nostalgia, reminding us of childhood memories spent at the movies with friends and family. Popcorn has been an integral part of the movie-going experience since the early days of cinema. Popcorn and movies have been linked together for over a century.  The history of popcorn in cinema dates back to the late 1800s, when it was first introduced as a snack for [...]

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The Ten Best Things To Do In Leeds With Your Teammates

Are you an office that likes to go out and celebrate with fun activities? We’ve got you covered for the best things to do in Leeds with your colleagues and teammates. 1. Escape room - There are loads to choose from! The Shot Blast Media team have completed a few of these, our favourite being ‘Haunted’ at The Great Escape Game Leeds. It was a very spooky experience and not for the faint-hearted, but a very well put together escape room. We escaped with over 13 minutes to spare! 2. Axe throwing - A new activity to enjoy in Leeds! We are now experts after attending Whistle Punks for our Christmas do this year! It’s great fun to do but it can get quite competitive between colleagues! Don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it looks, but it does take some practice!  3. Flight Club - This is a great activity to do in a medium to large group of teammates. Flight Club is darts but with entertaining games and gorgeous cocktails. We recommend playing Demolition and Killer. They even have bottomless pizza and prosecco brunch now too!  4. Roxy’s - There are now three of these to choose from in Leeds city centre, offering a huge range of different activities, perfect for your company night out. At Roxy’s you can do bowling, pool, shuffleboard, ping pong, beer pong, mini golf, curling, and even karaoke! We recommend booking if there’s a large group. 5. Bowling - Lots of places [...]

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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2022

Women's Entrepreneurship Day occurs every year on the 19th of November and honours female entrepreneurs and their contributions to the entrepreneurial community. Women's Entrepreneurship Day was founded by Pet Pioneer, Animal Fair Media Founder and Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipient Wendy Diamond, after volunteering with the Adelante Foundation providing microcredit to low income women. She decided she wanted to develop something to help this movement and similar causes. The first day was held on November 19th 2014, and was observed in 144 countries that year. It was described by Fortune Magazine as “a global movement to celebrate and support female founders and shed light on some of their challenges.” Today, we are appreciating Lotty Wiltshaw, Director & Founder of Shot Blast Media. Lotty started Shot Blast Media in 2012, and has since achieved a lot of big accomplishments, including winning awards, acquiring a brand new office, reaching 10 years in business and expanding the team. The Shot Blast Media team have worked with a range of different clients over the years which is always exciting, although we mainly specialise in working with clients in the industrial industry.  The team loves coming up with new ideas and being stretched technically and creatively. As a business, the number of female-led companies and clients we work with is increasing, however in the industrial sectors, there still lacks the gender equality we would like to see. On average, only 13% of industrial businesses are female-led in the UK. Whilst male led businesses still [...]

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Shot Blast Media is an Award Winning Filming Services Provider in the UK

Shot Blast Media is an award winning filming production company that crafts remarkable video experiences for organisations in various industries. We’re a team of creative storytellers, working incessantly to translate your ideas into wonderful video content. We’re a strategic partner to multiple businesses, and we follow a meticulous process to ensure the best results. Today, we’re thrilled to share that we were included on The Manifest’s B2B research list. Shot Blast Media was recognised as one of the top filming agencies in the UK this year! Lotty Wiltshaw, Director of Shot Blast Media, says “We’re truly honoured to be the recipient of this award. When we started ten years ago, all we aimed to do was to craft the best video experience for our partners. Time passed, and here we are. We’re grateful to all of our clients who continuously believe in our talents and the results we deliver." This year, the Shot Blast Media team has not only celebrated ten years in business, which was a huge milestone, but they have also expanded their team with two new starters, Byron Sheldon and Maddy Goddard, to join David Mead and Lotty on the business’ journey. The team can't wait to see what the next few years have in store for the company. Being given this Manifest award to show that we are one of the top video production companies in the UK is a fantastic achievement for the business and just goes to show how much we enjoy working [...]

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Shot Blast Media’s 10th Birthday: Interview With Director Lotty Wiltshaw

Shot Blast Media celebrated their 10th year anniversary last week with a party in their new office for clients, colleagues and suppliers. Lotty Wiltshaw, Director at the video production company, has shared her thoughts on reaching 10 years in business! How does it feel to know that the business has reached its 10 year anniversary? It’s brilliant! It’s quite a big milestone. When you set up a business initially, you just try to make it through the first six months, then a year, then two years, and then you get into a good rhythm, and now we’ve reached 10 years, there’s lots to celebrate! It’s timed in well with our new starters and new premises. It’s the end of one chapter and the start of another moving forward. What did you do to celebrate the 10 year occasion? We had a party with our suppliers, clients and staff in our new office. It was nice to show off the new building, catch up with friends and thank people for their hard work and for being part of our journey. Why did you start the business? I always wanted to do something creative, and originally, I wanted to go into the television industry as a producer, however the broadcasting industry wasn't quite what I expected. It turned out that it wasn’t the industry for me. I always had a camera growing up, and was always documenting things, and so setting up my own video business was the right step for [...]

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The Best Animated Videos: We’re Featured!

We're very happy to announce that one of our videos has achieved a The Best Animated Videos awards from DesignRush! Our video was a 2D animated explainer video that we did for our clients at AWM a few years ago, and one we're very proud of. You can check out the video below. Click the link to find out more about DesignRush and their video design work. Your Industrial Story Starts Here Press the button. Make the call. Transform your media. +44 (0)113 288 3245 [email protected] Contact Us

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