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Maddy Goddard joined Shot Blast Media in July 2022 as Digital Marketing Executive. She has worked for a few different firms in Leeds in the marketing industry and graduated from the University of Leeds with a Film, Photography and Media degree.

How has your university course helped with your career?

My course had a lot of practical elements, meaning that I got the opportunity to learn a lot about filmmaking, editing, photography, motion graphics, scriptwriting, directing and producing.

Completing my university course meant that I developed creative copywriting skills as well as practical skills which has definitely helped my career so far, although marketing changes very frequently, meaning there is always new stuff to learn.

Although my course was not traditionally marketing related, marketing in the modern day is a lot about the digital world, meaning there is a strong focus towards pictures and videos on social media platforms.

My course also gave me the opportunity to do a placement year in industry which meant that I gathered a lot of useful skills from working as an intern in marketing, which definitely helped me get to where I am today.

How did you get into the marketing industry?

During university summers I worked various marketing internships which led me to do a placement year in marketing for a recruitment company. After this, I worked at a couple more recruitment companies in their marketing teams whilst finishing university.

Once I graduated, I was taken on full time at one of these businesses, and this is where my marketing career really began. I was the only person in marketing in this role for about a year, meaning that I learnt about all aspects of marketing and could cover all areas for the business, including social media marketing, digital marketing, videos, website, content marketing, PR and also graphic design.

What is your favourite part about working at Shot Blast Media?

This is my first job working at a video production company, which is something that I really wanted to do once I graduated, as it aligns my film degree and my marketing skills. 

I enjoy working with the amazing team I see everyday, and being able to go on film shoots and create content from the behind the scenes photos and videos is incredibly fun.

We work with a variety of clients on lots of different content, which makes my marketing job really interesting as there is something new happening every week!

What is your favourite thing about working in marketing?

I have always enjoyed being creative and I realised that working in marketing would give me the freedom to mix my filmmaking, copywriting and social media skills together.

I love coming to work every day and learning new skills and new information about social media platforms and SEO on Google, which are changing all the time. It means my job is never dull.

So far in this role, I have learnt how to create 360 videos on a GoPro, how to create interactive videos, how to build and design a website, how to shoot and edit video content professionally, and so much more!

What do you find to be the most challenging part of the marketing industry?

Marketing has a lot of aspects to it, meaning that there is a lot to continuously learn in this industry.

Social media channels are changing and updating almost every week, and there’s always new apps and models to learn!

Keeping on top of the developing social media channels is challenging, but definitely intriguing!

Where do you see Shot Blast Media in 5-10 years?

I know we’ll have a bigger team by then and I’m sure a ton of new clients! I think our services will grow along with technology, so we’ll be able to offer clients bigger and better projects!

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