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David Mead has been working at Shot Blast Media for more than 5 years now as a Camera Operator and Editor. In this interview with David, he discusses how he got into the video production industry, what he likes about working at Shot Blast Media, and his proudest moments in the film industry so far.

When did you first decide to go into the video production industry?

As a kid, I was obsessed with watching the original Star Wars trilogy and I remember discovering the ‘making of’ material with the DVDs and being able to see how it was made. I just thought, ‘I want to do that’, and here I am!

What part of working in the video production industry do you enjoy the most?

The best part about working in this industry is being able to constantly be creative. Creativity is a huge part of my role, and I love coming up with wacky ideas for different projects.

I also enjoy working with the amazing team we have put together at Shot Blast Media, and working with a great boss too!

When did you join Shot Blast Media?

I joined Shot Blast Media in March 2017 and have enjoyed watching the team grow and develop since then!

What is your favourite thing about working at Shot Blast Media?

Every project and every week is different. I also love being able to film in all sorts of different locations around the UK and the world. 

It’s great to be able to come into work everyday and have something different going on, it makes this industry really fun.

What has been your favourite video project so far?

I can’t pick just one! There are far too many to choose from.

What has been your proudest achievement in the film industry?

Winning ‘Best Overall’ and ‘Best in Brief’ at the Kodak Student Commercial Awards in 2003 was a fantastic achievement that I am really proud of.

Also, having my short film ‘Prisoner of War’ be chosen as an Official Selection at 2007 Palm Springs International Short Film Festival in California, which I attended for the full 10 days. It was an amazing experience!

What are you looking forward to in the remainder of the year?

Avatar 2 at Christmas. IMAX 3D. LETS GO. 

How are you enjoying Shot Blast Media’s brand new office in Leeds?

We’ve created a bespoke creative environment and a fantastic space full of colour, texture and light. It’s absolutely fantastic! Our inspiration is from some of the top advertising agencies, and it just works so well in the space we have now.

Shot Blast Media just turned 10 years old, which is a huge milestone. What do you think the business will look like in another 10 years?

Bigger, Better, Stronger.

Any other comments/thoughts?

Only that we need more chocolate biscuits and coca-cola in the fridge!

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