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Evelyn, a college student completing her A-levels, joined the Shot Blast Media team for a week of video production and marketing work experience in February 2023.

Here’s her take on how her week went!

My week at Shot Blast Media as a work experience student.

Since studying film at A Level, I had developed an interest in filmmaking, especially pre-production and scriptwriting. I was very keen to find work experience with a more hands-on approach to filmmaking than my lectures at college, which teach primarily theory.

At Shot Blast Media, I have had a great time being able to experience the process behind making corporate films and the detail that goes into every aspect. 

On my third day, the team set up a video call with one of their freelance scriptwriters, Deb Gilbert, which was incredibly insightful.

I learnt about how both a creative mind and a logical point of view are needed when writing a concise and effective script for customers who only have a few seconds to get their words across. 

Deb told me it’s all about having the right words and how to use them to your advantage.

I’ve had a lot of fun learning how to assemble a camera and tripod. We also set up microphones and equipment for a podcast episode, only to find an issue with the microphone. 

Going back and forth across a set-up, talking gibberish into two microphones for a day to no avail wasn’t quite how I imagined my day would go.

However, it was fun nonetheless and taught me that when working with film kit, sometimes things go wrong but a solution can always be found if you work hard enough, even if it takes singing Disney songs for several minutes to test the sound.

My favourite part of the work experience was taking part in filming the Global Movie Day short for TikTok and Instagram Reels. I really enjoyed seeing how behind the scenes footage is gathered and how social media posts are created and filmed.

I was surprised at how welcoming and friendly the crew are, compared to other companies that I’ve worked with who have made me feel a little unwanted. 

They have been really helpful and I’ve felt like I can ask for help with anything I need.

I’ve had a lot of fun during my time at Shot Blast Media and I’ve learnt how it feels to work at a video production company through some amazing hands-on work. 

Thank you to Lotty, David, Maddy and Byron for a fantastic week in Leeds!

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