What is health and safety video production?

Health and Safety videos are those that specifically promote safe working practices and instructional information for employees, contractors and visitors to your site. This information is designed to keep people safe and reduce accidents and incidents on site.

Health and Safety Videos: Frequently Asked Questions 1

Why are safety videos important for your company?

Safety is crucial for every business, especially in construction, manufacturing and high hazard industries. Having a video that can turn your safety regulations into something engaging and informative can help get the message across in a unique and powerful way. This helps people retain information ultimately leading to safer working practices.

What types of health and safety videos are there?

Site safety induction and training videos are used for sites when they want to detail key bits of information for staff, contractors and visitors attending a site. 2D animated content for health and safety video topics such as confined spaces, working at height and life saving rules refreshes and brings very important messaging to life. Information presented in this style is simple but very effective.

Health and Safety Videos: Frequently Asked Questions 2

How do you make health and safety corporate video production engaging?

Video itself is a very engaging way of getting health and safety information across than reading materials or powerpoint presentations. In animation for example, the use of colour and characters can appeal to your audience’s senses more positively and hook them in. Using people in the film too can create content that is relatable and personable to that site or company which often creates much higher levels of engagement than written material with no story.

Storytelling is a very powerful medium so incorporating this into your video will ensure you audience is engaged. This could be through the use of a reconstruction using people to revisit an accident that took place. This helps to personalise the content and make it relatable. 

Other forms of video could include interactive Q&A or 360 video to make the experience more immersive where the audience is having to select a particular type of outcome. This type of video is very effective for learning and training around health and safety working practices.

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