Utilising Google My Business For Your Company

You've used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn... but is there a social media platform you may be unfamiliar with, and it's right under your nose. Google My Business is an extremely underused platform that deserves more love, for everything it can do for your marketing. So, what exactly is it? Google My Business is essentially a free social media service that you can sign your company up with in an instant. Many companies will have the base of the platform already when your company is being established in general online. For example, if you ever search a company on Google, a section will appear in the search results on the right of the screen giving the base information of your company. This is Google My Business, and it is more influential than you think. Those results you see when searching for a company will apply to yours as well when people are searching for your business, so it's important to make sure your information is up to date. So set up your Google My Business account, and when you have, you can manually set up all your contact information and also set your opening times. But this is just the start of this platforms features. Google My Business has it's own free web page for you once you sign up. A separate page with all of your details on, which can be edited however you like. It's rather simplistic but it gives you a new way of optimising your company and [...]

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Why a Podcast Is a Unique Marketing Tool For Your Business

Podcasts are everywhere nowadays. They are essentially small radio shows, where various personalities discuss a specific topic regarding the genre of said show. The great things about podcasts is that they are easily accessible for anyone and everyone to make, and you can make one on just about anything. This blog is here to give you some inspiration into making your own, as they are without a doubt a very popular trend that more businesses could benefit from. Their popularity is always reaching new heights, and here's why. First of all, everyone is listening to a podcast now. This could be anything, including listening to conversations on the radio on the way to work. The audio format is very accessible for people to get behind. Video is great, and some podcasts use video as well as an audio format. But audio is a lot more 'on the go.' Listeners can access and enjoy a podcast wherever they are, whether that be driving to work as mentioned before, or having a jog or walk. Since podcasts are available on most music and audio platforms like Spotify and iTunes, everyone can access them instantly. But why do people listen to podcasts? Well being that there are so many podcasts that cover a plethora of different subjects, there is always something for everyone. This factor, and people enjoying listening to what other people have to say about what their favourite subjects. Whether it be a review, a discussion or teaching you about [...]

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Safety Videos: Modernising your Safety Content

Safety videos are now going to be a top priority for businesses as the world goes forward from the COVID-19 outbreak. Health and safety video production is always key but as we transition out of a global health crisis, these kinds of communications are even more important than they ever have been. Themes covering workplace social distancing are of course crucial and should be at the forefront of your internal communications to staff, contractors and visitors, regardless of the type of workplace. Whether it be in construction, in factories or all general workplaces. However, what shouldn't be ignored is your general health and safety communications, which may be easy to forget once you're concentrating on COVID-19 safety. Yet, now is the perfect time to get this safety content back on top. The three to four month hiatus from work is the best time for a fresh start for your company, and your use of health and safety videos. Companies now are looking to modernise their communications. The COVID hiatus meant businesses got their back systems in place with new CRM, training and working from home tech in situ. If you're in the construction or manufacturing sectors your usual safety communications should have a new lick of paint. Working from height, health and safety training videos, process safety and other subjects of safety for example are going to become more prevalent as your employees return to work, and if you're hiring new staff. This new lick of paint could be [...]

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Virtual Exhibition Tours: An Online Experience Like No Other

With the COVID-19 lockdown easing gradually, companies are now looking to prepare themselves for a return to business as usual, and part of this will be the return of exhibitions and trade shows. However, it is clear that this return won't be as normal as it was. Organisers are now planning a safer and more innovative way of helping companies to market themselves to potential new clients. The Virtual Exhibition is the answer to this, an online method of 'visiting' trade shows. There are lots of organisers rushing to take advantage of this idea and it has the workings to be very popular - and some are already in motion. So, how do virtual exhibitions work exactly? In a similar sort of fashion to Google Maps, the exhibition lets you click around and zoom into areas you're interested in, all the while using the arrow keys on your keyboard to move yourself around the virtual hall. As you come to a stand, you can click on the company logos on the stands to get a closer and in depth look at the exhibitors stand. Just like real life. Doing so will let you have deeper conversations with these exhibitors by allowing you to e-mail or call them to have a deeper chat. Whilst this may not have the same personable aspect trade shows have, it is a lot safer. What are the advantages of a virtual exhibition? Well first things first, it's a lot cheaper. For exhibitors, and for [...]

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How And Why Video Marketing Is Key For Publicising Your Company

Video marketing is the work that goes into boosting the viewership of your corporate video. Through keyword and pattern research in regards to your analytics, YouTube and website optimisation for your video can be amplified to make sure it reaches as many people as possible. Using keywords, popular tags and a hearty description – corporate videos have never needed SEO work as much as they do today, especially as the internet changes in patterns and themes. Researching the best keywords is imperative into making sure the latest trends and patterns are included in your content. This isn't just video, this is everything on your website and socials. It might sound obvious but if your company specialises in chemicals for example, 'chemical' is your golden word. Utilising this word in different ways with other trending words is how you can get optimising your content to stronger and stronger positions. 'Chemical Manufacturer' or 'Chemical Company' are simple enough phrases to have in your content, but the more combinations you have in them and having as many popular terms as possible to combine to 'chemical' is extremely important. It's also important to make sure you link your content as much as you can. On YouTube, linking your social media channels is a given, but you should always make sure you have as many playlists and other videos link to as many of your videos as you can. Attaching end cards to promote the next best video to your audience when they have [...]

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What is media communications training and why is it important?

Media communications training is a form of specialist communications training, helping individuals whom are to partake in media facing activities, prepare for different media interview scenarios. Training for media communications focuses on a range of content from avoiding common mistakes, focusing on your message, delivering effective presentations and handling different media scenarios. It's there to make you feel comfortable and prepared for whatever is media facing challenge is sent in your direction. Media communications training is useful for a range of different scenarios. Crisis management and media response Having key personnel trained to handle the media in a crisis situation is a critical part of a companies emergency response and emergency preparedness procedures. Having a well trained spokesperson for your company can make a spontaneous situation easier and manageable. This is crucial for any large company looking to maintain good brand identity and reputation. Media communications skills Being able to deflect questions that aren’t relevant and deal with interruptions from pushy journalists when your company’s brand is on the line is another important skill. Media training will teach you how to tailor your message to your audience and keep them engaged in what you have to say, whilst feeling relaxed and confident in your delivery. Camera presentation skills  More and more businesses are looking to present their own video content for the launch of new products or for delivering video training exercises. Having key personnel equipped to present on camera, that are professional and clear with their message is a [...]

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Social Distancing: Keeping staff motivated when working from home

We've been speaking to a lot of our clients over the past couple of weeks and the one thing that keeps cropping up in discussions is – how can companies motivate their staff and boost morale when they are working from home, furloughed or even back at work practising social distancing. So this got me thinking about some content ideas. Having spoken to a few more clients and found out what they are doing we thought we’d share some insights from across our network. Organising fun social activities. This could be a number of different things from starting the day with a virtual yoga session, having a lunchtime workout, or a pub style quiz with a beer after work. All of these can be done on zoom video call, with multiple users in one window. It just takes someone to be the main organiser to lead the session but it’s a way of doing something fun with colleagues or teams - whilst keeping active. Having company contests and a bit of lighthearted competition can always be a winner – plus it keeps people focused on a common goal. This could be around healthy eating challenge, exercises, creativity projects the list is endless - Sharing fun video clips and photos keeps people feeling connected and spirits high. Also some prizes for the winners. Leaning and development sessions are a good way of keeping peoples skills up to date whilst building on personal development. We’ve all got a bit more time [...]

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Video Production Ideas for Businesses in Lockdown

Video Production ideas for Businesses in Lockdown So times are pretty tough at the moment. Many businesses are having to adapt the way that they work with social distancing to keep staffing jobs and continue to operate their best they can through this period. It's so important to remember though that despite all of this, businesses continue to communicate, not just close the shutters down but to communicate both internally to staff and also externally to the wider market. Now more than ever companies will need to stay on top of their digital communications and marketing, and video production is integral to this. Now this isn't about selling aimlessly and just pretending that nothing's changed, but businesses should think about posting regular content that helps to build trust and also good brand reputation. Also, content to entertain, to help people and also to boost morale. Well how do we do that, I hear you say if we're watching the pennies at the moment? Well this is where video content becomes your new best friend. Now I know what you're thinking, I run a video production company so I am going to say this but it is true. Video is the perfect tool for communicating with both staff and prospective customers. So everyone has a phone. It doesn't make you the next Steven Spielberg of course but it does allow you to create and capture your own content right at your fingertips. So self-shot content is ideal for use on [...]

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Video Content Ideas to Support your Business through COVID-19

Video Content Ideas to Support your Business through COVID-19 With more staff now working from home, social distancing and access to sites more limited – there’s been a big shift in the ways in which companies communicate – with more emphasis now on digital communications. These top 3 video content ideas might just come in useful for your company, department or business over the coming weeks and months ahead. With more staff working remotely and businesses digitising their systems and processes - Animated explainer videos and ‘how to’ guides for staff, clients and contractors are key. Animated screen capture can provide information in a quick and easy to understand format. This reduces the need for bulky and complicated written documentation. Making procedures and systems much quicker to access and use by all staff reducing queries and issues. Online Training can also be provided effectively in this format allowing companies to adapt the way they do business with clients. Keeping staff in the loop and boosting company morale through internal communication videos will also be a key area for businesses. Stakeholders such as CEOs, Directors and leaders can self shoot their own video content on a phone or tablet at home – and present this within a daily or weekly bulletin update. Self shot content can be professional edited and incorporated into presentations with slides and text alongside to provide bitesized information for staff to action .This keeps staff feeling connected to the business and well informed of new developments. [...]

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The best tips on using LinkedIn to excel your company’s marketing

LinkedIn is almost definitely the world's most popular social media site for companies networking with different businesses. Compared to the relaxed and personal vibe of other sites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is the perfect tool for companies in various sectors. This isn't for connecting with friends like most social media, this one is special, and can do so much for your company in comparison to other platforms.  If you and your company don't have a presence on it, you're missing out! We are extremely passionate about the network we have and the connections we make. LinkedIn is a fantastic community and is very opportune for your business. That's why we've put together a guide full of tips to help your company stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn. If you want your digital marketing to step up to the next level, then look no further. Post regularly You would be very surprised to know that many companies don't actually keep their company LinkedIn and professional profiles up to date. The key to staying relevant and being kept in the eyes of your connections is to make sure you're always posting. Of course, keep your posts relevant and don't just post for the sake of it, but make sure it's a few times a week. In fact, many of your connections will love seeing that you're posting weekly, showing that you're always up to something and are keeping busy. Promote your clients Whilst your company page is key for [...]

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