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During the holiday season, businesses have a great opportunity to engage with their audience through Christmas video marketing.

Videos are a powerful tool for capturing attention and conveying messages effectively. In this article, we will explore some valuable tips for businesses looking to leverage video production and marketing during the festive season.

Video marketing during Christmas can help companies create a strong emotional connection with their target audience. 

By incorporating festive elements and themes into their videos, businesses can tap into the holiday spirit and evoke positive emotions in viewers.

One important tip is to plan ahead and start early. Christmas is a busy time for everyone, so it’s crucial to begin the video production process well in advance. 

This allows companies to ensure that they have enough time for brainstorming ideas, finding actors or staff to be in the video, scripting, getting costumes, location and props ready, filming, editing, and any necessary revisions, as well as sorting a marketing strategy around this so that your target audience will see the video.

Another top tip is to focus on storytelling. A compelling narrative can captivate viewers and make your company video memorable. 

Consider incorporating elements such as heartwarming stories, humour, or even showcasing how your products or services bring joy during the holiday season.

We’ve also seen businesses create parodies of their favourite Christmas films or books, which work well to make their audience laugh and engage with the content.

Additionally, it’s essential to optimise your videos for various platforms and devices. Ensure that your videos are mobile-friendly since many people access content on their smartphones or tablets. 

Also, consider creating shorter versions of your videos for social media platforms where attention spans are typically shorter, such as YouTube Shorts and TikTok. 

Shorter videos tend to do well on these platforms and can create quite a buzz if your SEO is effective.

Furthermore, don’t forget about promoting your Christmas videos effectively. Utilise social media channels, email newsletters, website banners or pop-ups to reach out to your target audience and generate excitement around your content.

Get your staff to share the video on their own platforms or even create a competition around it to produce more engagement and promote your video, products and brand.

Lastly but importantly; make sure that your company’s branding shines through in the videos. It’s important that the audience knows they are watching your content.

Incorporate your logo, brand colours, fonts and values throughout the video while maintaining a cohesive visual style.

As experts in video production, we have created a variety of Christmas-themed videos for businesses across the UK.

One of our favourites is a social media comedy Christmas skit for La Romantica Beds, a mattress manufacturing company based in Yorkshire.

Watch the skit here.

We wanted to create a video that would engage and humour their target audience. The skit is a comedic short film and showcases some of their staff and their workplace, which creates a more personal feel for their audience. 

As you can see from the video, limited props, people and costumes were needed in order to create the social media skit, showing how simple it can be to make an engaging brand video for Christmas.

Will you be creating a Christmas video for your organisation this year?

These tips for Christmas video marketing strategies tailored specifically for businesses can elevate your brand presence during this festive season, while connecting with customers on an emotional level, therefore increasing website visits, leads and sales.

Looking to commission a Christmas video production for your business?

Our video production packages offer affordable video content for businesses across Yorkshire.

We’ve created a variety of videos for organisations with this digital content package, including funny social media skits, Christmas parodies, event videos, case studies, inductions, meet the team videos, promotional products videos and loads more!

Watch some of our example videos here.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help:

+44 (0)113 288 3245 | [email protected] 

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