Video marketing is the work that goes into boosting the viewership of your corporate video. Through keyword and pattern research in regards to your analytics, YouTube and website optimisation for your video can be amplified to make sure it reaches as many people as possible. Using keywords, popular tags and a hearty description – corporate videos have never needed SEO work as much as they do today, especially as the internet changes in patterns and themes.

Researching the best keywords is imperative into making sure the latest trends and patterns are included in your content. This isn’t just video, this is everything on your website and socials. It might sound obvious but if your company specialises in chemicals for example, ‘chemical’ is your golden word. Utilising this word in different ways with other trending words is how you can get optimising your content to stronger and stronger positions. ‘Chemical Manufacturer’ or ‘Chemical Company’ are simple enough phrases to have in your content, but the more combinations you have in them and having as many popular terms as possible to combine to ‘chemical’ is extremely important.

How And Why Video Marketing Is Key For Publicising Your Company 1

It’s also important to make sure you link your content as much as you can. On YouTube, linking your social media channels is a given, but you should always make sure you have as many playlists and other videos link to as many of your videos as you can. Attaching end cards to promote the next best video to your audience when they have finished watching the first video prompts them to keep watching and watching. Those links will also help Google identify your video and rank them higher and higher. The more links, the larger your ‘spider’s web’ gets meaning you have a bigger reach stretched out to multiple links and sites.

Using back sites such as Google Blogs, Blogger and Tumblr are tools you wouldn’t expect to be so handy for SEO. Every time you post a piece of content, re-posting the exact same piece with all the same keywords on any of these sites will boost it around the internet. As said before, having the same links, words and phrases posted in multiple places boosts the spiders web. You don’t have to promote these extra re-posts, they’re just there to amplify the position and ranking of your content.

How And Why Video Marketing Is Key For Publicising Your Company 2

Designing a dynamic thumbnail for your YouTube videos is something that should always have extra care put into. The use of a face is particularly important where it can be used as this suggests there is a personal flare to your video. There shouldn’t be too much text, just a quick punchy line to promote what your video is about. Then of course, always make sure you are posting your content for publishing on social media. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, these social posts are the standard for general digital marketing but again – they boost your Google rankings depending on your keywords and back links.

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