YouTube Optimisation and Video Marketing

A strong video marketing strategy can be the difference between no interaction on your video content to an immeasurable amount.

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Using keywords, popular tags and a hearty and full description – corporate videos have never needed this SEO work as much as they do today. YouTube SEO and social media video marketing is incredibly important in your marketing strategy on these different platforms. Our video optimisation services analyses and researches your audience, understand what they search for, and explores content they like etc. With this research we will revamp your video descriptions and features to reach a bigger and better audience than what you had.

YouTube SEO and Ranking Factors

  • Creating descriptions that tie in with relevant product pages on the website. We create and implement a suitable template for all of your videos including keywords, URL links to your site and social media.
  • Keyword titling is hugely important. We input our tried and tested tagging system from our research.
  • Adding end cards (to boost and build your subscribers) plus linking to other related videos is key. We create impactful end cards so your viewers will be bouncing around all of your different videos one after the other. This ensures people stay on your channel for longer.
  • Using this information and keywords we will create a personal Blogger and Google Site and replicate the content here to boost Google’s optimisation of your content. This can also be done on Blogspot, Tumblr and WordPress.
  • Creating and setting up new playlists, so your viewer can be automatically taken from one video to another without having to do a thing. A perfect way to get a multiple of your videos seen by those looking for what you specialise in.
  • Designing thumbnails, a way in which your viewer can be grabbed by your content as soon as they see your channel. Made with a professional and unique look to drive home your values and identity before the viewer watches your video.
  • Post content via your social media platforms with premium optimisation to boost your views and engagement and thus lead to conversions.
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