Hi guys, it’s Sam from Shot Blast Media, I’m here to reveal to you a weekly mini series for if you’ve just invested in a killer video, and want to know about the best methods of effective video aftercare. You ready? Let’s go.

Get Behind The Scenes

Giving your audience a gaze into what you do and your working life can make all the difference to your relationship with them, it offers something personal for them and you can use facebook to make some live streams of you working, create an Instagram story or do a live office Q&A, the possibilities are endless.

The Front Reel

You want to try to sum up the whole video and attract your viewers attention in one shot. Be conscious of the image you choose. It could be the difference between keeping or losing engagement throughout your video. Viewers will normally decide in the first five seconds if they want to continue watching, so make it count!

Knowing Your Audience

It’s integral to know who your target audience are before you start promoting your video. It’s important to consider what time they are active, what social media they use the most, what the age range is and what kinds of language they use. This is going to help massively in shaping your video and the promotion of your business.

Targeting Influencers

Having a targetted influencer can be oh so handy in promoting yourselves. If an influencer, I.e someone with a large and reliable follower account shares your work, you could be seen by a whole lot of people. It’s always opportune to make links! We’d also recommend asking for reviews from customers and influencers. A good Google review is something that potential clients will see first when researching your company, so it’s best to have a couple under your belt.

Making Use Of Resources

Share, share and share! Make sure you make your content visible to everyone, you never know who will take interest that could be so beneficial for your business. The massive amount of social media platforms out there can make all the difference, even the ones you wouldn’t normally use, like Snapchat and Yelp. It’s good to find a niche platform like this and test the waters to see how it works out for you. If you have a company blog for example, uploading one of them to Medium or Tumblr could get you some traction you may not expect.

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