Are you wanting to get stuck in on the TikTok trend but don’t know where to start?

Shot Blast Media have listed some TikTok video content ideas which could work perfectly with your brand.

  1. Meet the team – Introduce the team in the office on video. Add some fun facts about the individual team members in to create a humorous video.
  2. Case studies – These can be relayed by team members, or even get some of your clients to talk about your products or services.
  3. Behind the scenes of production – Show your products being made and developed, or even give your audience a glimpse of a team meeting.
  4. Office tour – Show off your space! Add in transitions and get someone to show your audience around the office!
  5. Day in the life – Looking to hire people to join your business? A great way of showing what it’s like to work somewhere is getting a team member to film their day in the office!
  6. Answer audience questions – TikTok has a feature where you can answer audience questions via video. This is great if you can give them a detailed answer about your product or service.
  7. Product demonstrations – Show your audience how to use a specific product effectively. 
  8. Best sellers – What are your company’s best selling products? Get a team member to show off your best products!
  9. Educate your audience on relevant topics – Where can they find the best products? How have your products/services helped people? Any top news that week that relates to your industry?
  10. Q&A’s – Sit down with the company’s founder or manager and ask them relevant questions about the business. Why did they start it? What’s their favourite part about working there? Where does the business’ name come from?
  11. Work events – Having a work outing or event? Film clips from this and put a montage together for TikTok!
  12. Outtakes – Do you film videos regularly with your team? If you do, you’ll be sure to have some outtakes you can make a funny video from!
  13. Relevant industry tips – We’re a video production company, so we give top tips to our audience on editing and filming top quality content. 
  14. Product launches or introductions – What have you got coming to market soon? Give your audience a sneak preview of what they can expect.
  15. Quick fire questions with the team – This can be a fun video to show off your office culture. Favourite film? Best part about the job? Favourite holiday destination? Who’s the best singer in the office?

Make sure to try some of these TikTok video ideas out on your company’s account!

Content is not the only important part of TikTok though, so remember to use an engaging caption, lots of relevant hashtags, and keep on top of any trending topics.

There are lots of other features to utilise on TikTok, such as the Duet and Switch features, and make sure to increase brand awareness by commenting on posts from your target audience too.

Find out more about how to make an engaging TikTok video here.

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