NPower Service Explainer Motion Graphics Video

Project Brief

The brief outlined three objectives for the video;

Generate awareness of the service in a clear and concise way - There is a lack of knowledge. People are unaware that npower offered this kind of service. The company wanted to boost public knowledge in an engaging way. As the information is quite technical, other forms of non visual distribution had not met expectations as they were quite disengaging.
Reinforce company's credibility as an energy solutions provider. People trust video advertisements. This imagery and technical information demonstrates the areas of support available to those in need of energy solutions. The offer of a full service or individual elements outlines versatility of nBS. This engaging format helps to build a relationship with viewers through breaking down a usually confusing process into visual bite size points that they can refer back too efficiently. It not only works to inform viewers of the areas they'll need to consider when developing a project but also how they can seek support in each.
Generate leads - Like all investments, the end goal is leads and conversion. In recent years video has topped surveys as marketing professionals' preferred content. Over 50% claim that is has the best statistics in terms of return on interest (ROI) for their business.

Video Solution

Shot Blast Media aimed to create a 2/3 minute motion graphics video for this service named 'Connect+. The service essentially works to connect new commercial builds to the energy grid and generally get them up and running as efficiently as possible. Current customers of npower were not fully aware of this service - this film production strived to offer npower Business Solutions (nBS) a tool to raise awareness and help inform potential customers of the range of services available to them.

By creating an engaging video production, in the form of a motion graphic, Shot Blast are able to break down the technical knowledge into understandable sections with relevant imagery - increasing user engagement and retainment - hopefully resulting in an increase of lead generation for the team.


It's still early days for the motion graphics animation video, however so far npower have commented that they're really pleased with the results, the look and feel of the production has a professional quality. As such they've mentioned that they're looking to commission more videos to continue with the revamped style we have designed for them. The company stated that we brought something fresh and innovative to the table bearing in mind that the brief was quite fixed.

We at Shot Blast Media productions look forward to future film and video solution based collaborations with npower!

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