What is 360 Video Production?

What is 360 video production? 360 video production is a video that is shot with a 360 degree camera, allowing for interaction to get a full view of a taken shot. How much does it cost to make a 360 video? Depending on if you’re filming a 360 video production with a drone or you’re doing a corporate video production, price can differ. However with this being a relatively new technology it can be expensive in getting equipment and also the process for the editing process. Why is a 360 video production important for your business? 360 video production is set apart from the rest, as your audience can interact with the film whilst it plays, it allows them to move and toggle around the shot to see a full 360 view. Utilising this new technology effectively will help companies to differentiate from their competitors. How does a 360 video work? Your audience can pause or even keep the video playing as they click around the shot to see everything happening around them. That interactivity adds an extra layer of engagement from your audience. Is a 360 film hard to produce? It’s relatively easy to do as you use a fixed wide shot. The editing part to process the footage and stitch it together can be a little more complex depending on what exactly you are wanting out of it. Your Industrial Story Starts Here Press the button. Make the call. Transform your media. [...]

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What is Virtual Reality Video Production?

What is a virtual reality video? Virtual reality videos are an immersive type of video experience that allows the user to escape into an interactive world. The world is graphical and CGI based as opposed to live action video. What do you need for virtual reality? Virtual reality technology includes headsets, eyewear and controllers that allow the user to control certain actions and interact with the virtual world they are in.  Depending on what you want to be able to do in your video, you may only require a headset, as some are purely visionary. How does virtual reality video work? Using the virtual reality equipment, the user can control certain aspects of the virtual world they are in. The headset allows the user to see and listen to the visual and sound aspect of the video, and controllers can allow the user to touch and pick up elements if included. Another key functionality is the ability to move around the area of the video, to get closer to different parts of the area. The user can also click on hotspots to load more information such as text, photos and videos. What are the types of virtual reality video? There are a few different types of virtual reality video. Fully-immersive virtual reality is exactly what it says on the tin, the full experience of VR with a moveable and interactive world. This type is mainly used in gaming scenarios. Semi-immersive virtual reality videos provide users with a partially virtual [...]

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