What is a virtual reality video?

Virtual reality videos are an immersive type of video experience that allows the user to escape into an interactive world. The world is graphical and CGI based as opposed to live action video.

What do you need for virtual reality?

Virtual reality technology includes headsets, eyewear and controllers that allow the user to control certain actions and interact with the virtual world they are in.  Depending on what you want to be able to do in your video, you may only require a headset, as some are purely visionary.

How does virtual reality video work?

Using the virtual reality equipment, the user can control certain aspects of the virtual world they are in. The headset allows the user to see and listen to the visual and sound aspect of the video, and controllers can allow the user to touch and pick up elements if included. Another key functionality is the ability to move around the area of the video, to get closer to different parts of the area. The user can also click on hotspots to load more information such as text, photos and videos.

What is Virtual Reality Video Production? 1

What are the types of virtual reality video?

There are a few different types of virtual reality video. Fully-immersive virtual reality is exactly what it says on the tin, the full experience of VR with a moveable and interactive world. This type is mainly used in gaming scenarios. Semi-immersive virtual reality videos provide users with a partially virtual world, commonly used for educational and training purposes. Non-immersive virtual reality videos are usually just interactive videos, such as clickable training/questionnaire slideshows, without the headset and gear. 360 videos are a type of non-immersive, as whilst it may give you a certain amount of control, you are not in that world properly, breaking a lot of the immersion. 

How can you use virtual reality for your business?

VR video can be used in a lot of different ways, it’s all about who and what your business needs. It can be very helpful for specific training requirements where the user can access the VR environment first and learn tasks within that safely before progressing into the real site. VR can be used for marketing to promote and showcase site facilities where it’s harder for visitors to access. VR is also great to demonstrate products in action to allow the user to interact with a real product or prototype that is new to the market. 

What is Virtual Reality Video Production? 2

How much does virtual reality production cost?

Whilst it does depend on what exactly you want in your video, VR video production in particular can be expensive. Due to it being rather new technology with a lot of work and components to it, you should expect it to be more costly than your average corporate video. You’ll also need to invest in the hardware such as a high powered machine and headset. This investment alone could range from £2,000-£3,000 plus the production costs. However, the benefits and individuality a virtual reality video can bring to your brand can be worth their weight in gold, even more so if you want to make more in the future, the equipment is already there for you.

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