Choosing a Corporate Video Production Company

Corporate video production company. Four words that may seem alienating if you're wanting to a corporate videos for business, but where do you start in choosing the right provider to this for you in 2022? Video production is a complex process that involves many different aspects. There are a lot of things to consider when producing a video, and it’s important to make sure that all the steps are covered. A corporate video production company can do this for you. Once you've chosen the corporate video production company you want to work with, they will begin the pre-production work with you. The corporate video production company will work on the script and storyboard with you. The script can be written by either the producer or by an outside writer; this will depend on what type of video it is. The storyboard will be created by the director, but they may also work with the producer to create this document. It’s important for these two documents to match up and align with each other, as they both have different purposes in video production. The corporate video production company will then go through with production, which is a process that creates videos. The video production process can involve many different steps, such as storyboarding, scripting, shooting and editing. The production side of video production is the process of creating the video itself. It includes everything from the script to the final cut of the film. This side of video production includes [...]

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Video Production Leeds: The Perfect City For Video Content

Video production Leeds, UK is a growing industry. With the advancement of technology and increased availability of cameras, people are now able to create videos with ease. The video production industry in Leeds is a lucrative one. It has grown exponentially over the years and is expected to grow even more with the advent of VR technology. Video production Leeds has been the best home for Shot Blast Media, especially with the aforementioned growth of the industry. Leeds is quickly becoming a media based city, with Channel 4 now having their HQ here as well as ITV and BBC having big stakes in the city too. Like Manchester not far away, Leeds is now a media hub and video production companies in Leeds play a big part in this. Leeds is very industrial, meaning it's also the perfect home for what we do. Shot Blast Media work with primarily industrial companies, many being from Leeds and the surrounding areas. Video production Leeds has never been been more of a perfect city to do this business in. What is video production? Video production is the process of capturing, processing, and editing video content. Capturing video content is done by cameras that are either on a tripod or handheld This can be done through live action, animation, or computer-generated images. Video production Leeds can also refer to the creation of videos for a company’s marketing campaign or for advertising on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. Processing video content is [...]

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What are Video Production Packages?

What are video production packages? Video production packages are a new trend in the world of video production. They offer a monthly or yearly subscription where customers can access all of the videos they need without having to pay for each individual video. The idea behind this service is that it will help improve the quality of content on social media platforms, such as YouTube and Facebook, by providing high-quality content at an affordable price. Video production packages will provide all of the equipment, software and training necessary for their clients to produce professional-quality videos on their own. This can be very helpful for small businesses who need to create marketing content but don’t have an in-house video team or budget. These are designed for companies requiring low cost, regular content for social media purposes. This content focuses on short snippets of video combined with your YouTube SEO set up. This combination will help to boost your YouTube channel, by posting regular content and drive traffic to your website. These short snippets will also provide additional visual content for social media channels. Video production packages work best for promotional marketing content and internal communications that are here one minute and gone the next. Ideal for quick company updates, people based content, customer updates, showcasing processes and products on site, providing HR or operational updates. Anything really that’s newsworthy and topical for businesses and its staff and customers.Anything that requires a higher level of video production and a team around it [...]

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TikTok Crash Course: Beginner level

TikTok is quickly becoming the biggest video content app in the world, and it is already proving to be a huge hit with businesses for creating short and engaging social media videos. In this video we'll give you a crash course on how you can create the perfect TikTok video. Your feedback is always appreciated. Help us improve our content. How good was the content? How good was the presentation? How likely are you to use what you've learnt? How likely are you to recommend the course to someone else? Back to courses Downloadable Content Members Forum

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Shot Blast Media Named as a Leading B2B Company in the UK

At Shot Blast Media, we channel our passion for creative storytelling to deliver impressive video solutions to our partners. Since 2012, we’ve been committed to crafting compelling content as we aim to transform the ordinary into unforgettable works.  As we continue to push the boundaries of production, we’re honoured to be recognised as one of the leading video production agencies on Clutch. According to the B2B platform, Shot Blast Media is a top provider within the B2B industry in the UK! For those who don’t know, Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform based in Washington, DC. They evaluate technology service and solutions companies based on the quality of work, thought leadership, and client reviews. A rapidly expanding startup, Clutch has become the go-to resource in the agency space. Their review process is reliable and transparent, and we’re grateful to those of our clients who have taken the time to provide feedback. Take a look at some of the kind words from our partners: "Shot Blast Media worked efficiently and quickly without ever compromising quality." — Communications Manager, Renewable Energy Company "They had great knowledge, support, and control in situations that were unfamiliar to me." — Kyle Thompson, Marketing Coordinator, Croda Europe "It was a great experience. I don't think they could have done anything better!" — David Richter, Owner, Richter Orthodontics We truly appreciate our clients’ feedback because it gives us a clear idea of what we can do to further improve our work. Because of your [...]

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Using E-Commerce Video

E-Commerce video is considered to be the most effective way for brands to increase conversions, especially in the digital age. Sites like Amazon and Ebay are using video to advertise and show off products a lot more now, and many companies are wanting to advertise this way due to high demand of products being bought from these retailers. Online shopping is a significant form of retail sales. In the United States, online sales in 2017 accounted for 36% of all retail sales. In the UK, e-commerce sales accounted for 10% of total retail sales in 2017. This trend will be even more pronounced over the next few years as more people switch from brick and mortar retail to online retailers. The popularity of e-commerce videos has been on a rise because they provide a medium for viewers to get their questions answered and allow them to have a better understanding of products before buying them. Online shopping videos can help customers understand how a product looks and what it does before they buy it, which is especially important when customers are buying expensive items such as furniture or clothing online. They also provide potential customers with an image of what they will There are four types of videos that can be used in an e-commerce setting: Video demonstrations: Demonstration of products to give customers a better understanding of the product, the brand and the trustworthiness. Video reviews: Giving customers reviews on user experience with products and services. These kinds [...]

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2D-3D Animation Video Production: Which is best for you?

You want an animated video for your company. 2D-3D animation video production are the two choices you have, but it can be difficult to know which one is best for you, and what you want to achieve with it. There are lots of points to both forms that can persuade you in either direction, so it's best to know them before making a decision. 2D Animation There are many benefits of 2D animation videos. One of them is that they are flexible. Animated videos can be made to suit many different ideas, concepts, and stories. They don't need to be high-end or realistic to be effective or compelling. A 2D animation is a hand-drawn or computer generated video that looks like it’s been drawn as a cartoon, but as opposed to stop motion animation, there is no physical manipulation of the objects shown on screen. Animated videos are not just for children. 2D animated videos can be used as a marketing tool, as a way to educate and inform, or as a way to simply tell an interesting story. These videos are the perfect addition to any business' marketing strategy. They will increase your brand awareness, and allow you to tell your company's story in an engaging and creative way. Another benefit of 2D animated videos for businesses is that they are often cheaper than 3D animated videos because they do not require as much time and work to create them. 2D video production has many benefits for businesses [...]

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What is Social Media Video Production?

Social Media Video Production is a type of video you'll be more than likely used to seeing on social media. Any type of video you find on any social platform fits this bracket, and usually marketers use specific types of video to fit the style of the average social media audience member. These are often short snippets, or even longer videos that may have a particular purpose for being on social media in the first place. So let's have a deeper look at social video production. Social snippets are a quick-fire form of video perfect for social media. The popular ones we all seem to see are those of the popular app Tik Tok, and that form of video has spread across to other platforms, inspiring content creators to make more of these short and easily digestible videos for their marketing. Something that doesn't take too long to watch but can still pack a punch. It saves everyone time, and can really get inside your audience's head. Video works best when it’s short (unless it is for a specific purpose like a training video for example) so it’s important to remember NOT to cram every message into one video. Break it down, make it more accessible for your audience so they are leaving each video with one simple overall message or call to action. There are lots of ways that social media can play a big part in delivering key video clips. We always talk to clients about using [...]

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Industrial Videography: Our Latest Corporate Video Productions

The pandemic has really set back our work on industrial videography and corporate video production. It's been tough to get face to face with our clients this past year or so but thankfully, as we exit the pandemic, we've been able to get in front of more and more people and work on industrial videography as much as we can. So what have we been working on exactly? Here are some of our recent projects that if you haven't seen yet, we're excited to share with you. Your Industrial Story Starts Here Press the button. Make the call. Transform your media. +44 (0)113 288 3245 [email protected] Contact Us

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The Different Types of Video Services: Beginner level

There are many types of video production services out there that many don't consider at first due to live action video being the standard. This bitesize course will give you the lowdown on the various video services you may not be utilising. Your feedback is always appreciated. Help us improve our content. How good was the content? How good was the presentation? How likely are you to use what you've learnt? How likely are you to recommend the course to someone else? Back to courses Downloadable Content Members Forum

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