Meet our corporate brand video client, La Romantica Beds

La Romantica Beds discovered us by coming across our own parody marketing skits that we had produced for ourselves. Our skits had been getting lots of new attention to our site and brand. They approached us with the task of creating a parody marketing video production that we hadn't done for any of clients before. A short and witty film that would help them to gain new customers with a laid back approach. With the purpose of selling beds and mattresses, we worked with La Romantica closely to infuse their slogan 'beds to fall in love with,' with a sharp and funny edge. With inspiration from the popular TV show First Dates, we created a parody clip of the show featuring a contestant named Amy, who was looking for the perfect relationship. You can see the film right here: Working with La Romantica was a delight, and for us to try something new with our filmmaking, they were the perfect collaborative partners. We made sure we listened to every concern the client had on how they wanted to approach the video, and in the end we couldn't be happier with how the project came together. From this, we are pleased to say we are very excited to work on more parody marketing in the future. Working in such a fun environment to create something we can look back on again and again for a chuckle brings us a lot of joy. We have lots of plans for our [...]

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Top tips for a better Video Strategy

Have you got a video strategy in place? If not, then here are some of our top tips to get you started. Most companies will have a good marketing plan in place which is reviewed each year. However not everyone has a video strategy. If you’re using video in your business it’s key that you have a separate video strategy that feeds into your overarching marketing or communications plan. This ensures any content you create is delivering against your main marcomms objectives, hitting the mark and helping you to achieve the results you’re looking for. Web video When thinking about your video strategy it is important to understand how video is going to be utilised on the website. We're not just talking about creating a video and putting this on the homepage. This is only the start... If you have multiple pages on your website detailing specific products or service areas, it’s important to think about how your main brand film or corporate video can be re purposed into smaller bitesize chunks. This will help your audience to move through your website and benefit from smaller, more specific pieces of information delivered through engaging video content. Video works best when it’s short (unless its for a specific purpose like a training video for example) so it’s important to remember NOT to cram every message into one video. Break it down, make it more accessible for your audience so they are leaving each video with one simple overall message or [...]

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Want to increase engagement on social media? Here’s how to structure your posts

Picture this. You've got a great piece of your own content you want to share with all of your clients and followers. Of course, if you're going to share it, you want people to interact with it. Whether that be comments, liking, watching (if it's a video for example.) Or perhaps you want to use your content to market to these people. This is where the caption comes in. Whether it be on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, a carefully worded caption can make the different between no interaction to making your post as popular as they go. Here's how to construct the best post for your social media. Make your caption relevant to the audience Perhaps you have a specific blog or newsletter you want to promote. Who is your target audience for this? It's more than likely to be a prospect or client. It's important to realise that you will have different demographics for different channels and different sorts of posts. Wording your caption with the best language and structure will help appeal to your target audience in a better, more direct way. This is always crucial to bear in mind before you start your post. Add a hook The first part of your post should always be a hook to reel your viewer in. The best example of this would be to ask a question for example, therefore increasing the chance of audience activity should they decide to respond. A question also can stick in your viewers [...]

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DIY Video: Knowing when and how to use it

With the growth of video marketing and the evolution of social media, it's hardly a surprise that so many companies are using the equipment they have to make their own personal videos for their audiences to see. Visual media is on the rise and with platforms such as Instagram becoming so popular for this, it is very opportune for you to get in on making your own content whilst it's hot. It is important for businesses to understand that DIY video is best used for social media applications only. The fact that you can do it yourself means the content should be informal and newsworthy. It is 'off the cuff' and works with social media since short video clips are more digestible by its users. Of course, if you're intending to pitch to new clients, we'd recommend partnering up with a video production company. But for all those quick and easy videos you want to make for your social media, here's a guide on the best techniques and ideas to do so. First of all, what kit do we recommend for you to start getting on with your DIY video projects? A phone. Everyone has one. With the latest camera technology in some of the most commonly used smartphones, everyone has the power to produce content from the click of a button. What type of applications should you use? Instagram. The leading social media app for visual content is perfect for your company, and underused by [...]

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Health and Safety Video Production: Engaging, informative and fun

Health and Safety Video Production is a service that is used commonly throughout many different sectors, including manufacturing and engineering. The idea of Health and Safety may sound boring and uninteresting at first, but with the power of video production you can turn this content into something full of life, and very exciting. Many companies are jumping to using safety video production to highlight their key rules and regulations regarding health and safety in the workplace. It is incredibly important to make sure your audience pays attention and is aware of what can be done to keep them safe. The great thing about video is the fact that it is a highly engaging medium to communicate this information, meaning it is more likely to stick with your viewer. Colour, vibrance and an element of fun can really grab and hold a persons attention. Here's an example of a health and safety animation video we made for Engie to show you what we mean: Why should you use video for your health and safety information? Video can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Those working in remote industrial facilities located in far flung areas need to be trained and may not be easy to get to or have them in for said training. Simply sending them a copy of your video is a perfect solution to this, without you have to be there to teach them. Think of it [...]

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Video Production: Telling your story how it aches to be told

Video Production is possibly the most popular form of video out there. There are so many stories that can be told in an array of different ways but what a video production can offer you is something rather special. But don't take it from us! Take it from one of our clients, Joel Cooke - who had a video production made for his company, Cooke Plastering: What a video production can do is benefit your company in which ever way you want to steer it. A visual experience is a lot more engaging then writing - we're sure you'll agree. Visually getting across your information and vision of course can be done well with images too, but video gives you a more personal and enlightening experience, allowing you to see the whole picture than in just one still. Why should you use Video Production in your marketing? As mentioned above, Video is extremely engaging and more appetising than an image or a chunk of writing, but why is that? Recipients of video communications are more likely to fully absorb the intended message. Research has also suggested that people react to video positively as it feels more personal. Video is more effective as it can communicate in seconds what might have taken multiple paragraphs to write. It can spread training messages without costly sessions and seminars. Video is always available in the future for people to refer back to [...]

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Working with a video production company? This is how you get the best from them

It's the start of a new year, and you're ready for your company to take a bold and sharp new turn with your marketing. How do you best present the story of your company? Your values and ideals, in the form of something exciting and engaging? There's an instant answer for this, and it's video. For us, the best part of the video production process is working with you to deliver that story. For you, it may be the same, and that's why if you're planning to use video for your company this year, we want you to get the most out of the experience. Since this will all be new for you, or possibly a return to video, we want to provide a guide on what you can really get from the experience other than just a shiny new video at the end. Start your company's year off right and make the most of it! Embrace your vision The team you'll be working with need to know from the get-go what your vision is. This is where you can explain properly how you want your brand and values demonstrated in your video, how you want your story to be told. State your goals, and also tell them what you don't want. The aim is to get your story as perfect as possible, so you need to be crystal clear with them. Work with a specialist It's important to remember that video production companies do this all the time. With [...]

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The best apps for creating videos on your phone

Social Media is without a doubt the biggest factor in digital marketing and promotion for your business, and as a video production company we believe that film works well hand in hand with these platforms. Visual media catches the eye a lot more, and a moving image can say just as many words as a status update! User generated content is something that shouldn't be missed out on, something that can really ramp up your engagement online in a social media setting. Of course if you're wanting to do something more high-end and polished outside of social media, we'd say you should seek out a professional to produce something that your brand deserves. Alas, there are many businesses that don't have the means to produce DIY videos for their company, or they just don't have the time. Well have no fear, as we're here to bring you a little list of some of the best filmmaking apps for your smartphone to get you started on your way, quick and easy! 1. Adobe Premiere Clip We're a big fan of this app, having talked about it a lot before, but it's worth a special mention again. It's free, easy to use and quick. What more could you want? A pocket sized version of Adobe Premiere, it saves you having to upload all of your footage to your desktop - making it easier to get your content up onto social media from your phone. 2. Celtx Shots You won't want to [...]

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Meet our corporate brand video client, Pro-Sight

Pro-Sight approached us with the task of creating an exhibition video for the launch of their new app, a unique idea tailored towards monitoring and tracking glass bottle lines. The video production we made for them show's off the app's capabilities, including the way you can track each and every bottle that goes down the line - as well as being able to identify areas of lost production. There's so much more this app can do, a video was the best way to demonstrate how helpful it was. With the app being cloud powered, it's definitely a useful and unique idea. We were extremely excited to get to work on the video with Pro-Sight and tell their story. Pro-Sight deliver imaginative solutions and services to better their customers needs, just as we do, so it was a match made in heaven for us. idea of the app is to enhance the experience of those working with bottle lines and check line efficiencies, and just like the app, our video is straight to the point and displays the idea in it's full glory. Innovation at it's best! We're also very glad to say that Pro-Sight were really pleased with the finished product, it was produced to a very tight timescale in time for their latest exhibition. To see the video in full, follow the link below! Your Industrial Story Starts Here Press the button. Make the call. Transform your media. +44 (0)113 288 [...]

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Meet our corporate brand video client, Pandrol Track Systems

We've been busy working with Pandrol Track Systems, who tasked us with the opportunity to create a suite of videos for a range of their products to showcase at exhibitions. They are a company that manufactures rail fastenings, which are used to fasten rails to railways sleepers. From the One Shot Crucible to the Nabla Evolution Fastening System, Pandrol have been making these products since 1937 and they continue to defy the industry standard and go above and beyond to make sure the maintaining of railways as efficient as ever. We made a number of video productions for them, showing off a range of their products being put to the test! Here's a couple of pictures to get your teeth stuck into, and a link to one of the corporate brand videos we made for them from our portfolio. Due to the various sizes of the products Pandrol isn't able to showcase their systems at exhibitions, this is where we came in. We made a video showing each of the products doing their job, after-all it's better to see them in action! Video was a great way to demonstrate what the fastenings could do and how they worked. They've been very well received with some brilliant feedback and the videos are in constant use - which we couldn't be more delighted to hear! Your Industrial Story Starts Here Press the button. Make the call. Transform your media. +44 (0)113 288 3245 [...]

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