Utilising Google My Business For Your Company

You've used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn... but is there a social media platform you may be unfamiliar with, and it's right under your nose. Google My Business is an extremely underused platform that deserves more love, for everything it can do for your marketing. So, what exactly is it? Google My Business is essentially a free social media service that you can sign your company up with in an instant. Many companies will have the base of the platform already when your company is being established in general online. For example, if you ever search a company on Google, a section will appear in the search results on the right of the screen giving the base information of your company. This is Google My Business, and it is more influential than you think. Those results you see when searching for a company will apply to yours as well when people are searching for your business, so it's important to make sure your information is up to date. So set up your Google My Business account, and when you have, you can manually set up all your contact information and also set your opening times. But this is just the start of this platforms features. Google My Business has it's own free web page for you once you sign up. A separate page with all of your details on, which can be edited however you like. It's rather simplistic but it gives you a new way of optimising your company and [...]

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Why a Podcast Is a Unique Marketing Tool For Your Business

Podcasts are everywhere nowadays. They are essentially small radio shows, where various personalities discuss a specific topic regarding the genre of said show. The great things about podcasts is that they are easily accessible for anyone and everyone to make, and you can make one on just about anything. This blog is here to give you some inspiration into making your own, as they are without a doubt a very popular trend that more businesses could benefit from. Their popularity is always reaching new heights, and here's why. First of all, everyone is listening to a podcast now. This could be anything, including listening to conversations on the radio on the way to work. The audio format is very accessible for people to get behind. Video is great, and some podcasts use video as well as an audio format. But audio is a lot more 'on the go.' Listeners can access and enjoy a podcast wherever they are, whether that be driving to work as mentioned before, or having a jog or walk. Since podcasts are available on most music and audio platforms like Spotify and iTunes, everyone can access them instantly. But why do people listen to podcasts? Well being that there are so many podcasts that cover a plethora of different subjects, there is always something for everyone. This factor, and people enjoying listening to what other people have to say about what their favourite subjects. Whether it be a review, a discussion or teaching you about [...]

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How And Why Video Marketing Is Key For Publicising Your Company

Video marketing is the work that goes into boosting the viewership of your corporate video. Through keyword and pattern research in regards to your analytics, YouTube and website optimisation for your video can be amplified to make sure it reaches as many people as possible. Using keywords, popular tags and a hearty description – corporate videos have never needed SEO work as much as they do today, especially as the internet changes in patterns and themes. Researching the best keywords is imperative into making sure the latest trends and patterns are included in your content. This isn't just video, this is everything on your website and socials. It might sound obvious but if your company specialises in chemicals for example, 'chemical' is your golden word. Utilising this word in different ways with other trending words is how you can get optimising your content to stronger and stronger positions. 'Chemical Manufacturer' or 'Chemical Company' are simple enough phrases to have in your content, but the more combinations you have in them and having as many popular terms as possible to combine to 'chemical' is extremely important. It's also important to make sure you link your content as much as you can. On YouTube, linking your social media channels is a given, but you should always make sure you have as many playlists and other videos link to as many of your videos as you can. Attaching end cards to promote the next best video to your audience when they have [...]

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What is media communications training and why is it important?

Media communications training is a form of specialist communications training, helping individuals whom are to partake in media facing activities, prepare for different media interview scenarios. Training for media communications focuses on a range of content from avoiding common mistakes, focusing on your message, delivering effective presentations and handling different media scenarios. It's there to make you feel comfortable and prepared for whatever is media facing challenge is sent in your direction. Media communications training is useful for a range of different scenarios. Crisis management and media response Having key personnel trained to handle the media in a crisis situation is a critical part of a companies emergency response and emergency preparedness procedures. Having a well trained spokesperson for your company can make a spontaneous situation easier and manageable. This is crucial for any large company looking to maintain good brand identity and reputation. Media communications skills Being able to deflect questions that aren’t relevant and deal with interruptions from pushy journalists when your company’s brand is on the line is another important skill. Media training will teach you how to tailor your message to your audience and keep them engaged in what you have to say, whilst feeling relaxed and confident in your delivery. Camera presentation skills  More and more businesses are looking to present their own video content for the launch of new products or for delivering video training exercises. Having key personnel equipped to present on camera, that are professional and clear with their message is a [...]

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Video Production Agency Tips: Creating your own Homemade Video

As a Video Production Agency, in this blog we'll be showing you how to create your own content right from the power of your fingertips, with our tried and tested tips and steps. Step 1 Get your phone or tablet and switch it onto the camera mode. Step 2 Find some support for it. If it’s a tablet it might have it’s own stand but if you’re using a phone then prop it up with some books or against a wall. better still if you have a small tripod like a gorilla pod then get it clamped so it’s stable. Step 3 Check your background or location. Your background should be simple and de-cluttered and not detract from your message. Also are you facing a window… if so make sure you face away so you don’t appear as a silhouette. Step 4 Lighting! Turn on your lights on if you’re inside and try record near a window so you get plenty of natural light on your face. If you’re outside the perfect. Once you're happy then click and hold the screen to lock in your exposure - This stops it’s shifting from light to dark. Step 5 Sound. Now this often get’s forgotten, even plugging in your hands-free device will make a difference as it’s a small mic that’s nearer to your face. If this isn’t possible then try to get as near to your device as possible. Step 6 Start filming! You may have to record a few [...]

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Top tips for a better Video Strategy

Have you got a video strategy in place? If not, then here are some of our top tips to get you started. Most companies will have a good marketing plan in place which is reviewed each year. However not everyone has a video strategy. If you’re using video in your business it’s key that you have a separate video strategy that feeds into your overarching marketing or communications plan. This ensures any content you create is delivering against your main marcomms objectives, hitting the mark and helping you to achieve the results you’re looking for. Web video When thinking about your video strategy it is important to understand how video is going to be utilised on the website. We're not just talking about creating a video and putting this on the homepage. This is only the start... If you have multiple pages on your website detailing specific products or service areas, it’s important to think about how your main brand film or corporate video can be re purposed into smaller bitesize chunks. This will help your audience to move through your website and benefit from smaller, more specific pieces of information delivered through engaging video content. Video works best when it’s short (unless its for a specific purpose like a training video for example) so it’s important to remember NOT to cram every message into one video. Break it down, make it more accessible for your audience so they are leaving each video with one simple overall message or [...]

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DIY Video: Knowing when and how to use it

With the growth of video marketing and the evolution of social media, it's hardly a surprise that so many companies are using the equipment they have to make their own personal videos for their audiences to see. Visual media is on the rise and with platforms such as Instagram becoming so popular for this, it is very opportune for you to get in on making your own content whilst it's hot. It is important for businesses to understand that DIY video is best used for social media applications only. The fact that you can do it yourself means the content should be informal and newsworthy. It is 'off the cuff' and works with social media since short video clips are more digestible by its users. Of course, if you're intending to pitch to new clients, we'd recommend partnering up with a video production company. But for all those quick and easy videos you want to make for your social media, here's a guide on the best techniques and ideas to do so. First of all, what kit do we recommend for you to start getting on with your DIY video projects? A phone. Everyone has one. With the latest camera technology in some of the most commonly used smartphones, everyone has the power to produce content from the click of a button. What type of applications should you use? Instagram. The leading social media app for visual content is perfect for your company, and underused by [...]

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The best tips on using LinkedIn to excel your company’s marketing

LinkedIn is almost definitely the world's most popular social media site for companies networking with different businesses. Compared to the relaxed and personal vibe of other sites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is the perfect tool for companies in various sectors. This isn't for connecting with friends like most social media, this one is special, and can do so much for your company in comparison to other platforms.  If you and your company don't have a presence on it, you're missing out! We are extremely passionate about the network we have and the connections we make. LinkedIn is a fantastic community and is very opportune for your business. That's why we've put together a guide full of tips to help your company stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn. If you want your digital marketing to step up to the next level, then look no further. Post regularly You would be very surprised to know that many companies don't actually keep their company LinkedIn and professional profiles up to date. The key to staying relevant and being kept in the eyes of your connections is to make sure you're always posting. Of course, keep your posts relevant and don't just post for the sake of it, but make sure it's a few times a week. In fact, many of your connections will love seeing that you're posting weekly, showing that you're always up to something and are keeping busy. Promote your clients Whilst your company page is key for [...]

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The benefits of drone filming and how companies are making the most of this new technology

From Video Production to Animation, there are so many different types of video you can use for your company. One type that we feel needs a lot more attention is a relatively new one, which so many companies are moving to use nowadays. We're talking about Drone videography. We've talked about drones a few times before, but the great thing about them is that they are ever-changing. A drone can do so much for your company that a regular film production can't, and the development of modern technology only reinforces this. We've come up with some ideas and tips for drone film and why you should be using it for your company - whatever sector you're in. Affordable and time saving What's great to know first off about drone film is how affordable it is and how much time it saves in comparison to the alternative (shots from a helicopter!) One drone pilot and a days shoot will enable you to capture a lot of footage, potentially across multiple sites. This can be used as 'bolt on' feature to add impact and that WOW factor to your existing video project or the footage could be used for surveying various areas, land and buildings. Vast sites can be captured quickly and easily with the use of a drone. They are quick to set up and once the survey has been performed first and you've got the all clear, you're good to fly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2bQhsyN2YI Application of drone filming Drone film [...]

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Why video testimonials are revolutionary for your business

We all love a good review. Knowing that you and your business delivered service outstandingly to a happy customer is always a great feeling. It's also key to get these reviews shared, to advertise to your future clients to show how good you really are! But we know of an alternate way of showing your feedback to potential clients, one that is very unique and opportune for many companies. We're talking about video testimonials! So many businesses are turning to video testimonials for their marketing campaigns. As video storytellers ourselves, we've put together a guide on why this genius idea is a perfect fit for any business looking to gain some new attention from their feedback. We've been producing our own testimonials this week, so we thought we'd give you a helping hand with yours. A personal touch It may sound obvious, but a video testimonial really is a personal experience for any viewer. Actually having the reviewer sat, talking to a camera and giving an honest opinion feels so much more natural and real. It's almost as if the reviewer is talking to your new viewers one on one. Anyone can write a testimonial, but capturing it on video just gives it that extra special touch. Videos trigger emotions, and if your viewer senses these feelings in the testimonial are real and authentic, they're more than likely to take a keen interest and trust in what is being said. Keep things authentic Authenticity is crucial for video [...]

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