Top tips for a better Video Strategy

Have you got a video strategy in place? If not, then here are some of our top tips to get you started. Most companies will have a good marketing plan in place which is reviewed each year. However not everyone has a video strategy. If you’re using video in your business it’s key that you have a separate video strategy that feeds into your overarching marketing or communications plan. This ensures any content you create is delivering against your main marcomms objectives, hitting the mark and helping you to achieve the results you’re looking for. Web video When thinking about your video strategy it is important to understand how video is going to be utilised on the website. We're not just talking about creating a video and putting this on the homepage. This is only the start... If you have multiple pages on your website detailing specific products or service areas, it’s important to think about how your main brand film or corporate video can be re purposed into smaller bitesize chunks. This will help your audience to move through your website and benefit from smaller, more specific pieces of information delivered through engaging video content. Video works best when it’s short (unless its for a specific purpose like a training video for example) so it’s important to remember NOT to cram every message into one video. Break it down, make it more accessible for your audience so they are leaving each video with one simple overall message or [...]

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DIY Video: Knowing when and how to use it

With the growth of video marketing and the evolution of social media, it's hardly a surprise that so many companies are using the equipment they have to make their own personal videos for their audiences to see. Visual media is on the rise and with platforms such as Instagram becoming so popular for this, it is very opportune for you to get in on making your own content whilst it's hot. It is important for businesses to understand that DIY video is best used for social media applications only. The fact that you can do it yourself means the content should be informal and newsworthy. It is 'off the cuff' and works with social media since short video clips are more digestible by its users. Of course, if you're intending to pitch to new clients, we'd recommend partnering up with a video production company. But for all those quick and easy videos you want to make for your social media, here's a guide on the best techniques and ideas to do so. First of all, what kit do we recommend for you to start getting on with your DIY video projects? A phone. Everyone has one. With the latest camera technology in some of the most commonly used smartphones, everyone has the power to produce content from the click of a button. What type of applications should you use? Instagram. The leading social media app for visual content is perfect for your company, and underused by [...]

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The best tips on using LinkedIn to excel your company’s marketing

LinkedIn is almost definitely the world's most popular social media site for companies networking with different businesses. Compared to the relaxed and personal vibe of other sites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is the perfect tool for companies in various sectors. This isn't for connecting with friends like most social media, this one is special, and can do so much for your company in comparison to other platforms.  If you and your company don't have a presence on it, you're missing out! We are extremely passionate about the network we have and the connections we make. LinkedIn is a fantastic community and is very opportune for your business. That's why we've put together a guide full of tips to help your company stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn. If you want your digital marketing to step up to the next level, then look no further. Post regularly You would be very surprised to know that many companies don't actually keep their company LinkedIn and professional profiles up to date. The key to staying relevant and being kept in the eyes of your connections is to make sure you're always posting. Of course, keep your posts relevant and don't just post for the sake of it, but make sure it's a few times a week. In fact, many of your connections will love seeing that you're posting weekly, showing that you're always up to something and are keeping busy. Promote your clients Whilst your company page is key for [...]

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The benefits of drone filming and how companies are making the most of this new technology

From Video Production to Animation, there are so many different types of video you can use for your company. One type that we feel needs a lot more attention is a relatively new one, which so many companies are moving to use nowadays. We're talking about Drone videography. We've talked about drones a few times before, but the great thing about them is that they are ever-changing. A drone can do so much for your company that a regular film production can't, and the development of modern technology only reinforces this. We've come up with some ideas and tips for drone film and why you should be using it for your company - whatever sector you're in. Affordable and time saving What's great to know first off about drone film is how affordable it is and how much time it saves in comparison to the alternative (shots from a helicopter!) One drone pilot and a days shoot will enable you to capture a lot of footage, potentially across multiple sites. This can be used as 'bolt on' feature to add impact and that WOW factor to your existing video project or the footage could be used for surveying various areas, land and buildings. Vast sites can be captured quickly and easily with the use of a drone. They are quick to set up and once the survey has been performed first and you've got the all clear, you're good to fly. Application of drone filming Drone film [...]

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Why video testimonials are revolutionary for your business

We all love a good review. Knowing that you and your business delivered service outstandingly to a happy customer is always a great feeling. It's also key to get these reviews shared, to advertise to your future clients to show how good you really are! But we know of an alternate way of showing your feedback to potential clients, one that is very unique and opportune for many companies. We're talking about video testimonials! So many businesses are turning to video testimonials for their marketing campaigns. As video storytellers ourselves, we've put together a guide on why this genius idea is a perfect fit for any business looking to gain some new attention from their feedback. We've been producing our own testimonials this week, so we thought we'd give you a helping hand with yours. A personal touch It may sound obvious, but a video testimonial really is a personal experience for any viewer. Actually having the reviewer sat, talking to a camera and giving an honest opinion feels so much more natural and real. It's almost as if the reviewer is talking to your new viewers one on one. Anyone can write a testimonial, but capturing it on video just gives it that extra special touch. Videos trigger emotions, and if your viewer senses these feelings in the testimonial are real and authentic, they're more than likely to take a keen interest and trust in what is being said. Keep things authentic Authenticity is crucial for video [...]

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Our most influential filmmakers

We're constantly inspired by the big names in Hollywood making the stories we can only wish we could have told. As filmmakers ourselves, telling your stories are our biggest passion, and we felt as though it would be a great idea to look at some of the names that have the magic to inspire us. Some of them you've probably heard of, but hopefully there will be a couple of new recommendations here to inspire you as well. David Lynch The master of surrealism, you're in for a strange experience with a David Lynch film. His films are an acquired taste, such as Eraserhead and Mulholland Drive. He's also the man behind the popular cult TV show Twin Peaks, which provides more questions than it answers. We love Lynch however due to his commitment and integrity. He's someone who believes in telling a story how he wants to tell it, and has always been against big studio's running the filmmaking show. He has such a real passion for filmmaking and stands out as one of the most intriguing but influential filmmakers of today. Steven Spielberg If you haven't heard of Steven Spielberg, where have you been? He's one of the most prominent storytellers of today, creating the blockbuster with Jaws, and continuing the trend with Jurassic Park and Raiders of the Lost Ark to name a couple more. What's so great about Spielberg is how diverse his stories are. He can go from making a fun family movie to a serious spy thriller. We have a range of different types of [...]

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Why Instagram is the next best social media platform for your company

If you haven't heard of Instagram, you must be living under a rock. Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms out there, an app that lets its users post images and videos only to their profile. A visual based app, one a lot different to that of Twitter and Facebook. The thing with this platform is how popular it has become in the last couple of years. More and more company's are moving to use this app for their marketing, including us. We've put a lot more focus on Instagram in the past few weeks, and from that we've picked up a few tips and ideas that we want to share with you. If you want to get the most out of as many social media platforms as you can and don't have Instagram, now is your opportunity! Set a business profile First things first, set up a business profile. It is easy to do, set up your account via settings - it's simple and as quick as a flash. What you'll get out of this setting is shiny new contact buttons at the top of your profile for those who are interested in your content to give you a call/e-mail if they so wish. It's also recommended that you post your website link in your main bio, as Instagram will only let you have one hyperlink in your profile as a whole, including posts. Another great plus about doing this is you'll be able to use [...]

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How to analyse your web analytics and drive marketing performance

At first glance, web analytics can look confusing. Yet, the thing about them is they are absolutely crucial in understanding how your company website is doing, and all of the social media platforms you have accounts for. Social Media is integral for any modern company to be part of, and its what will most likely get you the most traction on the internet. Analysing your analytics week by week is incredibly beneficial to find out what direction you should take your social media and web presence in. We've been looking closely at our own analytics recently and thought we'd share our findings and experiences with you, so you can analyse your data to help improve your company's web traction. Step 1) Set up your sites and trackers You'll probably already be on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for example. To get the most out of social media, we'd recommend getting your company on Instagram and YouTube too, some of our favourites! Its also key to make sure your company is on Google My Business. It's a free service that allows you to have a quick and easy to read page full of your company's details, reviews and work that Google compiles for you. When you have all your social media sites set up, have Google Analytics set up to your website. Analytics is what you'll use most of all to track website traction, it essentially gives you the who, what, when and where of those that are visiting your site. [...]

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How to engage your staff in Health and Safety content

Health and safety is incredibly important in all industries, particularly in manufacturing, engineering, construction and energy. Large sites, heavy plant and equipment and technical processes, create the need for effective safety communications. To ensure staff and contractors can operate safely. The importance of health and safety has never been more integral in looking after your employees and making sure they maintain a strong and chipper working life. Of course, this can always be regarded as the 'boring' stuff by your staff. You may want to change your health and safety courses or lectures into something a bit more exciting and digestible for your audience, and that's why we're here to tell you that video may be your answer. Watching a video sure beats reading through pages and pages of your safety guidelines. The best thing about video is you can turn those pages into a script that can be translated in a more invigorating way on screen. If you don't believe us, here's an example of one of our health & safety videos for Engie. With that, here's how you can engage your staff with a video production on health and safety. Expansive Formats The best thing about video is that the platform is very expansive, meaning you can delve into different formats of video. As with the example above, animation is a great option for these types of videos. It makes the video a whole lot more colourful and exciting, and with animation the possibilities are endless. That [...]

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Working with a video production company? This is how you get the best from them

It's the start of a new year, and you're ready for your company to take a bold and sharp new turn with your marketing. How do you best present the story of your company? Your values and ideals, in the form of something exciting and engaging? There's an instant answer for this, and it's video. For us, the best part of the video production process is working with you to deliver that story. For you, it may be the same, and that's why if you're planning to use video for your company this year, we want you to get the most out of the experience. Since this will all be new for you, or possibly a return to video, we want to provide a guide on what you can really get from the experience other than just a shiny new video at the end. Start your company's year off right and make the most of it! Embrace your vision The team you'll be working with need to know from the get-go what your vision is. This is where you can explain properly how you want your brand and values demonstrated in your video, how you want your story to be told. State your goals, and also tell them what you don't want. The aim is to get your story as perfect as possible, so you need to be crystal clear with them. Work with a specialist It's important to remember that video production companies do this all the time. With [...]

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