Image Size Guidelines for Social Media

Images are a great way to show off your company with visual flair on social media, but whilst they may be simple in thought to take and upload, many social media posters don’t know or maybe don’t understand how image sizes and dimensions work. Every social media platform is massively different with how they want to show images posted, every single one uses a different set of rules so sometimes it can be hard to determine if the image you have will show in full sometimes. In this guide we’re going to give you a crash course on the best tips to make sure your perfect image is showing in full. Doing this will aid you in avoiding pixilation and bad looking image stretching. You want your images to look professional after all. It also ensures that your audience are seeing the full picture. Incorrect sizing and dimensions might cut off some of your brand’s messaging. Most people scrolling through will only see what dimensions the channel shows them, and their quick scrolling habits will mean they most likely won’t open the full image to see everything. You need to grab them immediately with your full image. It’s also worth knowing all these sizes as it could mean less work for your brand in the future, as sometimes these platforms change up how images display now and again. In terms of audience engagement, your photos need to be optimized for each social channel’s feed as well. So without further [...]

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Why you should use GIFs in your marketing

We’ve all seen them. GIFs are everywhere. Moving images, short animated videos, without sound, that continue over and over on a loop. Often small, and very popular on social media. These little snippets are great for marketing. How so? Well many social media sites are prone to show images and very short videos in their algorithms over longer forms of media. Research has also shown that using a mix of colour and visuals increase the willingness to view the content by 80%. Colourful imagery does really help to increase your audience’s engagement, and having an animated version of these images will only drive this harder. GIFs only last a few seconds, or however long you wish them to be. For this reason, their file size is significantly smaller making the process of uploading and loading them much more efficient and speedier. They're also usually short and sweet, so people don’t spending a minimal amount of time watch them. And if they're as good as they should be, the entertaining and eye-catching nature of them and how you've produced them will encourages viewers to watch more of them. These reasons help them to be a prime piece of content for all kinds of social media platforms. As well as this, due to their small size and unique engagement aspects, they can also work in emails and e-shots or in PowerPoint presentations. So if you're wanting to show a small and short clip to meet these requirements, a GIF is a [...]

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The Benefits of Online Courses and E-Learning Tutorials

Online Courses, or E-Learning in general is a type of service that is becoming more and more prominent in our current internet, business and training landscape. What is e-learning? Well it's a type of service where you can learn all the best skills to better yourself in a certain area of expertise, all from guides that are usually in video format, so essentially video classes. There are specific online learning sites such as Lynda, a subsite from LinkedIn that has a variety of video courses to learn from. There's also Skillshare, an even more prominent one that is rising to a substantial popularity. But why are these sites and online courses so beneficial for you and your business? At time of writing this blog, we're still in lockdown. For that reason, e-learning sites are so important today. People can't go out to do proper training courses with a variety of skills you could learn in a physical sense due to social distancing. So, how have people been learning? Through the internet, and through those who create online video courses for others to learn from. And it seems as though this will be a set standard for the future too. Now that people know this is a more cost effective way of teaching, people will use it more, it's definitely here to stay.  On-demand learning is easy and effective. Which leads us to another advantage. Online training is cheap and affordable. Even more so, then having to pay for the [...]

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Video Animation Company: What To Look For In One

Perhaps you're looking to work with a video animation company to produce an animated video for your business. An animated video can do wonders for your company, revealing what no camera can show with uniquely devised representations of items, figures and information. Of course, where do you start in looking for a video animation company that can create the best 2D or 3D animation possible? Here are some things to consider, and some things to look out for. It's important to look at the library or portfolio for the video animation company you're researching. That's a given. A good thing to look out for is variety. Has this company created animated videos for a number of different topics and areas? Make sure you look for this under both the 2D and 3D content they have, the more they have under each umbrella, they more they'll feel like they're a jack of all trades and can produce whatever you need from them. Quality is of course integral when looking for a video animation company. You don't want to be paying a lot of money for something that is under par, and many companies will settle for less for budgetary reasons. But if you want your animated video to be as powerful as it can be, then you need to be prepared to spend the money for the quality. Keep your eyes peeled for details in the content you're researching. Are the images/models sharp? Are they unique and interesting? Also [...]

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A Short and Simple Guide to Video Training

Looking to create social snippets for your social media, but not sure where to start? There's a lot of companies that want to create short videos for their marketing but aren't too savvy with how they should make one to a good quality. For that reason, we've put together a video training guide that should help you if you're unsure on how to go through with your own filmmaking. When you’re pre-producing your content, in preparing a script and other assets for example, consider your audience first. Who is your content target at? With that in consideration, this should help you map out how you want your content to be communicated. What type of language will you use? Should any extra context be used to get the message across better for them? Make sure you incorporate all of the important information, you don’t want to miss out anything that is integral to your content. This video training course is here as well to tell you how you set up your camera. Now whether this be a proper camera or just your phone, it’s integral that the settings are set up as you like them, but also in a way that will make your video look as good as it can be.  If you don’t have key lighting and would wish to use natural light, placing yourselves near windows where you can or filming outside is a great substitute. However, never film into a window, as it will cause you [...]

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The best ways to enhance your brand during lockdown

We're in our third and hopefully final lockdown at the moment, and with the country slowly but surely being vaccinated, it definitely feels like we're coming to the end of it. Starting the year strong for businesses is key right now and that's where your marketing and brand can play a key role. We've discussed a lot about how you can keep your business going in lockdown with video marketing, but there's other things you may not even consider that can keep your business presence online alive and well. Google My Business We talk about this often underused platform a lot, but during these times, it's more important than you think. This site is where you set your basic company details that will inform your audience of your key company information. It's fair to say many clients and customers may wonder if your business is open or not, or if your opening times have changed. Making sure these are updated, as well as your contact details if these have changed due to working from home is key to making sure you're letting your audience know you're still there to be contacted. As well as this, posting to your Google My Business is too, as a constant stream of posts lets your audience know you're alive, kicking and still active. It's a great tool if you're not using it, so make sure you are! 2. Re-evaluating your audience You'll already know who your audience is, that's a given. However, with [...]

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Promoting Health Protocols To Prevent The Spread Of Covid 19

There's a lot of confusion as to what video production actually is. Now, that may seem quite bizarre to say, but the confusion comes from a lot of people just thinking that it is the standard live action filmmaking that is more than well known. Yet, video production has a lot more to it than that. As a video production company, we specialise in lots of different types of filmmaking, so here's a rundown of all of the video formats that fall into this term. Video Production The one that everyone knows right off the bat, is your standard video production. If a picture paints a thousand words, just imagine what video can do. You only need look on social media to recognise the power of media and its impact on business as we know it, which is why video production is perfect for that. Whether it be filming on all kinds of sites, from power stations to factories, construction sites to multiple shop floors, specialist video production companies are incredibly savvy with challenging work conditions and site limitations. Post-filming, the magic kicks in to transform our footage into a piece of premium and compelling film. 2D Animated Video A truly memorable film-style, animation quickly wins over the hearts and minds of its audience. It’s safe, it’s familiar and it’s clear – making it a genuine story-telling winner. Showcasing business communications whatever their shape or size, using custom or stock graphics – or both – to transform [...]

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Working From Height: A Guide To Safe Working Working from height is a dangerous business, and it still remains the most common cause of workplace fatalities and should be avoided wherever practiced. But if you have to work from height, take a sensible approach when considering precautions. If you're using personal fall protection ensure that it's fit for purpose and users are adequately trained, but is this enough to guarantee everyone's safety? There are a few more important safe practices that will guarantee this where access is required. To work at height, ensure that the equipment used is fit for purpose and all users are competent. Workers should ensure that prevention measures are in place and where necessary supplement measures with collective protective devices. Have you got a rescue plan in place? This should be prepared before any working at height takes place. Common causes of falls from height include falls from ladders. Do not work from ladders. These are for access only. If you have to access the roof do you know if it's designed to be load-bearing? Falls through fragile roofs can kill. Ensure you do your research carefully before accessing the roof. Sometimes you might have to access another area through a scaffold structure, never use a scaffold structure unless it has been inspected and tagged by a competent person. You are required to wear your safety harness so always remain clipped onto a fixed point at all times when you're working at height. Working outside presents further challenges. Have you checked [...]

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Using Existing Video Content In Lockdown Hi I'm Lotty from Shot Blast Media and I'm going to give you three top tips on how to work with your existing content to get the most from it. The first thing you can think about is accessing the B-roll. The B-roll is the kind of supplementary footage that would go alongside your main communication, so if you'd shot a case study video for example you'd have people giving an interview or giving a narrative, this would be the kind of cutaway material that would sit on top. The great thing about b-roll is variety so out of a b-roll shot you may have 40 or 50 clips worth of usable content. Some of the b-roll clips might require a little bit of editing so that could just be tidying them up at the start and finish of the shot and then giving a little bit of colour information in there just to brighten the footage. This sort of stuff you could do yourself, so you could use an app potentially or if you've got access to Adobe software then Premiere Pro is a great piece of kit you can use. Failing that you can always get back in touch with the production company that shot it and ask them to prepare the b-roll for you. The second way that you can work with existing content is looking at your video clips and taking screenshots or images from them. A lot of companies now will shoot [...]

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Lockdown Video Ideas: DIY Content For Business

We're unfortunately in the midst of a second lockdown. It only feels like we've just comes out of the last lockdown, so it has been a big blow for a lot of businesses. It means now, more than ever, companies are going to have to take on this second lockdown by ramping up their digital marketing. Part of this will be engaging your audience with strong and creative video content. We've talked a lot about how you can utilise video in lockdown, but this time we're going to guide you on how you can use DIY video to your advantage during these unprecedented times. DIY video is exactly how it sounds. Do It Yourself video content. Whilst we would always recommend using a video production company to create a high end corporate video, there will be many businesses who don't have the budget or it isn't the right time for them to have a fresh piece of quality work done for them. That's why using your initiative to create and repurpose your own video content may be an easier, and potentially more fruitful option for you. Firstly, if you have any video content already, a good option would be to repurpose the content into something new. For example, you many want to repost the video for your audience. Or, if you're wanting to do something different with it, you could re-edit the video with some of the B-roll footage you have from a shoot that you haven't used. If [...]

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