The Christmas break is a great time for reflection, allowing you to come back to work with an improved outlook of what you want.

By following these steps, you can begin to improve areas of your life personally and professionally; which will aid you in achieving those desires.


Set yourself goals. Identify where you want to be next year, in the next five years, even in the next ten years.

Plan out how you’re going to get there.

This process of writing down goals helps to legitimise them in your mind, meaning they’ll seem more tangible.

“The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting and achieving goals.” – Og Mandino



Commit to a hobby & work on personal development.

Spending a bit of time investing in your own personal goals will have a ripple effect on your professional career. Try to strike a balance.

So, get jogging, start a knitting club, go on a weekly hike, whatever’s your cup of tea – fully embrace it.



Find a mentor who’s at the point in their career that you want to be in the next 3/5 years.

Spend a while training with them and outline some strategies. Learning from others based on their experience can be one of the most effective ways to progress.


“Colleagues are a wonderful thing- but mentors, that’s where the real work gets done.” – Junot Diaz


Increase productivity by fully embracing the 80/20 rule.

In other words, the Pareto Principle. This outlines that for many events, roughly 80% of positive outcomes are caused by 20% of the tasks completed. Take note of the most important and successful tasks you complete and hone in on them. Delegate or restructure the less effective parts of your role. By focusing your time on the most effective tasks, your professional success will skyrocket.



Start each day with the most important or most difficult task.

If you start your day by taking on a dreaded task, then you’ll feel a sense of achievement once it’s completed.

This will improve your attitude towards the rest of your work for the day.

“Those who seize the day become seriously rich.” – Richard Koch,



Refresh your network.

All of us can occasionally lose touch with our contact lists. Take the new year as an opportunity to rekindle relationships. Update your contact’s details and organise meet up.

Kick off 2017 as you mean to go on.





Do something that scares you. Break out of your comfort zone as often as possible.

Taking on a new experiences will help to build your character, it’ll show you that you’re capable of anything, no matter how scary it may seem.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein



Think outside the box and get creative.

The world around us is constantly evolving and creativity is celebrated more than ever.

Pitching new ideas at work, or allocating time for you and colleagues to brainstorm them will benefit your company massively. This will also show all employees that their ideas are valued.



Get organised!

Sync your calendars, organise your desk, get rid of old paperwork and update all computer programmes.

Set yourself up for a successfully busy work year.


TIP 10

Read around your subject and take each day as a school day.

The more time you invest in gaining knowledge around your field, the more you’ll get out of your work. Aim to constantly adapt with new procedures and trends. Allocate time to go to events to improve your skills and connect with people in similar industries. Sharing personal experience can help you and others progress.