Media communications training is a form of specialist communications training, helping individuals whom are to partake in media facing activities, prepare for different media interview scenarios. Training for media communications focuses on a range of content from avoiding common mistakes, focusing on your message, delivering effective presentations and handling different media scenarios. It’s there to make you feel comfortable and prepared for whatever is media facing challenge is sent in your direction.

Media communications training is useful for a range of different scenarios.

Crisis management and media response

Having key personnel trained to handle the media in a crisis situation is a critical part of a companies emergency response and emergency preparedness procedures. Having a well trained spokesperson for your company can make a spontaneous situation easier and manageable. This is crucial for any large company looking to maintain good brand identity and reputation.

What is media communications training and why is it important? 1

Media communications skills

Being able to deflect questions that aren’t relevant and deal with interruptions from pushy journalists when your company’s brand is on the line is another important skill. Media training will teach you how to tailor your message to your audience and keep them engaged in what you have to say, whilst feeling relaxed and confident in your delivery.

What is media communications training and why is it important? 2

Camera presentation skills 

More and more businesses are looking to present their own video content for the launch of new products or for delivering video training exercises. Having key personnel equipped to present on camera, that are professional and clear with their message is a growing trend amongst companies developing their own training programmes and digital platforms. When thinking about making this content, it’s a good idea to have someone with these skills hired and fully trained, meaning you can get your content out more efficiently.

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