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Media interview training designed to develop camera confidence and deliver effective presentations

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Media Communications Training Case Study

Media Interview Training

Shot Blast Media offers a unique media training course, designed specifically as a one day programme. This practical media communications course is delivered on a one-to-one, or two-to-one basis. Situated in our media studio and office environment, the course is crafted to take company directors, executives, CEOs and spokespersons out of the every day and put them through a range of different practical media training exercises.

The course covers TV interview training, corporate media training and radio media training to develop effective presentations within a media environment. Our media training is highly practical and delivered by BBC trained staff and professionals currently working within the video industry. Our communications course gives a fresh and unique approach to modern media training. The session is very interactive and includes a mix of facilitator led content, multiple practical activities, various media training examples, media tips and feedback sessions.

Media Communications Training
Media Communications Training

Throughout the day, participants will be given the opportunity to view and critique their video footage so learning can be tailored towards each individuals needs. The aim of the workshop is to develop our participants camera confidence, hone their media skills and learn to handle different media situations. Participants will learn how to talk on camera in a relaxed, natural and engaging way. They will also learn how to increase confidence and credibility. The course is also designed to teach people practical media training skills in relation to crisis management. Handling various media trained responses to a range of different scenarios.

Each participant will receive a showreel of their ‘takes’ and feedback sessions so they can be reviewed again in future. We believe that people apply their best knowledge when they take an active role in any training course which is why we have designed the course to be as practical and constructive as possible.


Media training is a form of specialist communications training, helping media facing individuals prepare for different media interview scenarios. The training focuses on a range of content from avoiding common mistakes, focusing on your message, delivering effective presentations and handling different media scenarios (Tv, radio, web, corporate)

Media training is useful for a range of different scenarios.

Crisis management and media response

Having key personnel trained to handle the media in a crisis situation is a critical part of a companies emergency response and emergency preparedness procedures. This is crucial for any large company looking to maintain good brand identity and reputation.

Media skills

Being able to deflect questions that aren’t relevant and deal with interruptions from pushy journalists when your company’s brand is on the line is another important skill. Media training will teach you how to tailor your message to your audience and keep them engaged in what you have to say, whilst feeling relaxed and confident in your delivery.

Camera presentation skills 

More and more businesses are looking to present their own video content for the launch of new products or for delivering video training exercises. Having key personnel equipped to present on camera, that are professional and clear with their message is a growing trend amongst companies developing their own training programmes and digital platforms.

Our courses are for anyone looking to develop hands on practical media training and have a requirement to present on video or within the media, including social media. Time in front of the camera is key to developing more practical experience, so typically our participants include CEO’s, company directors, senior executives and spokespersons. People attending the course may have some basic media skills in place but require more confidence and practice in front of the camera to brush up and hone their skills.

Our course packs a lot of content into one day and is tailored towards each individuals needs. The one to one course differs slightly from the two persons course based on timings but the main areas of content we cover are:

  • Up to 7 practical exercises including face to face interviews, radio interviews and down the line interviews.
  • Feedback sessions for each exercise.
  • Your audience
  • Body language
  • Planning and preparing for media presentations
  • Different types of interviews
  • Structuring an interview
  • Preparing for soundbites
  • Preparing for radio
  • Make up and wardrobe
  • Radio mics
Media Communications Training
Media Communications Training
Media Communications Training

What makes our course different?

Unlike most other media training courses, our course takes place in our on site studio. We believe taking participants out of their normal working environment is key to establishing a different atmosphere and creating a real media experience. All our training is delivered on a one to one or one to two basis. The small group size and individual training means candidates have more time to perform multiple practical sessions, with less distractions from larger group sizes. Candidates will have up to 7 practical sessions on our workshop compared to 3 or 4 sessions which is typical of larger media training groups.

The course is also delivered by our media training expert David, who is currently working actively within the video and media industry. As a corporate video production company we work with a multitude of company directors, CEO’s, PR and comms teams and regularly spot the pitfalls that untrained staff fall into. This experience combined with our broadcast background has enabled us to develop a course from a unique perspective giving participants a more well rounded, modern approach to media training.

The training takes place as a day course with our masterclass expert in our green screen studio location. It’s designed to take you out of the every day and expose you to a range of different media situations. Training is delivered on a one to one or one to two basis. The intimacy of the group means the training is personalised to each individual. We believe that media training needs to be practical, so the vast majority of the day is spent on the exercises and feedback sessions. We take regular breaks throughout the day and lunch is provided within the cost of the course.

You can expect to be put into different media scenarios, learning how to handle different situations and think on your feet. Typical scenarios might be learning to handle awkward questions, or dealing with interruptions and distractions whilst communicating effectively on camera.

One Day Course

Free on site parking available. Lunch is included within the rate.

One to one training


Group training (2 delegates)

£1,000+ VAT per person.

Booking is simple. Just give us a call on 0113 288 3245 with your availability and we can team you up with our masterclass expert to pick a suitable date. Payment is due 7 days before the start of the course. Cancellations require up to 48 hours notice.

We also offer Camera and Video Training, designed to develop your filmmaking & video production skills for social media.

Situated in our media studio and office environment, the course is crafted to take marketeers, sales teams and company communicators out of their every day and put them through a range of different practical filmmaking and video training exercises.

The course covers the head to toe of video production, specifically for social media. This is to help organisations get more from their own people and devices such as phones and tablets to create short and interesting pieces of ad hoc content for social media. From the planning stages, to the filming, to the editing and marketing of the social content you’ll be creating, we’ll be guiding you through the entire process.

Find out more here or contact us for more information on our training courses.

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