What Is Corporate Video?

Corporate video this is essentially video commissioned by businesses, companies and organisations for their own sales and marketing purposes. It includes advertising content designed for all digital channels such as websites, social media, sales meetings, exhibitions etc but wouldn’t include content for TV or major broadcast. Corporate videos are generally commissioned by company MD’s or the communications and marketing departments.

How Much Does A Corporate Video Cost?

How much does a corporate video cost? How’s longs a piece of string? It very much depends on a few factors, the duration – so how long is the video. It is 2 minutes, 3 minutes or 5 minutes or more? Also how polished does the production need to be, so does it require a voiceover, is it a complex shoot that requires several crew across several sites, is it an animated video? Is it a one off video or as part of a campaign. Typically a short brand film campaign that’s of a good quality may range on average from £4,000 – £6,000.

What Should A Corporate Video Include?

A corporate video should include 3 core essences.

1. A story – this will bring your audience on a journey and engage them from the start – the whole point!

2. Personality – businesses shouldn’t be afraid to showcase their personality and tone of voice. This helps build connection and trust as people will be able to answer – yes I wanna do business with this company.

3. Relatable content – for people to connect with the content it has to relatable – what’s in it for them? If they are spending time watching video what will they gain from it. Put yourself in your audiences shoes.

Why Is Corporate Video Important?

Corporate video is important because the entire world connects through emotion. All products and services in some way shape or form are purchased on emotion. That’s true for businesses as well as consumers. The best way to convey emotion and to tell stories is either face to face or via video. Video is therefore a key digital communication that businesses cannot afford to do without, if they are serious about growth. The added benefits are that YouTube and Google – the two largest search engines, prefer video over any other type of content – it also gets higher engagement.

What Are Promotional Videos?

Promotional videos directly advertise products and services. This content needs to be more than a sales pitch. Its important that promotional videos convey the features and benefits but also answer the audiences questions they may have. A good way to present a promotional video is in the form of an FAQs. What does your audience want to know about this product and why should they watch you’re video? What will they gain from it. Companies need to to think less about themselves and more about their audience so their content remains relatable.

What Is Commercial Video Production?

Commercial video production is high end video that advertises a companies offering. An advertisement promoting that companies product, service or brand promise. These videos are often broadcast on TV or used in specific advertising slots distributed to a much larger audience. The main objective is brand awareness and building trust with the audience so they feel compelled to get in touch and see what that business has to offer.

What Are The Benefits Of Video Marketing?

Video marketing can help your business in a number of ways. It can help you to build an audience and brand awareness. Video marketing helps to convey stories and emotions with your audience making them more likely to buy from you. It also helps with search engine optimisation leading to higher ranking websites so you can get found. Video marketing will enhance your overall digital marketing strategy and is a key piece to a companies sales and marketing efforts.

How Long Is A Promotional Video?

Promotional video by nature is quite short these days but it all depends on how your using the video and on what channel, one size doesn’t fit all! For example videos on a website designed to catch passing traffic should somewhere between 60-90 seconds and no more. This is enough time to convey a short story and catch peoples attention. Videos used in sales pitch to a captive audience could be a bit longer to share more detail. Videos for social media that get caught up with lots of other traffic should be short and sweet, under 60 seconds and have subtitles too.

What Are The Types Of Video?

There are lots of different types of video. What you want from your video will determine the type of video you create. For example vlogs are good for sharing insights and snappy bits of information, case studies are ideal for telling stories about projects, tutorials and how to’s are excellent for teaching people and conveying useful information, promotional videos are good for presentations of products and services, brand films are good for company culture and promoting personality.

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