Video Production ideas for Businesses in Lockdown

Hi I’m Lotty from Shot Blast Media. So times are pretty tough at the moment. Many businesses are having to adapt the way that they work to keep staffing jobs and continue to operate their best they can through this period with social distancing measures. It’s so important to remember though that despite all of this, businesses continue to communicate, not just close the shutters down but to communicate both internally to staff and also externally to the wider market. Now more than ever companies will need to stay on top of their digital communications and marketing, and video production is integral to this.

Now this isn’t about selling aimlessly and just pretending that nothing’s changed, but businesses should think about posting regular content that helps to build trust and also good brand reputation. Also, content to entertain, to help people and also to boost morale. Well how do we do that, I hear you say if we’re watching the pennies at the moment? Well this is where video content becomes your new best friend. Now I know what you’re thinking, I run a video production company so I am going to say this but it is true. Video is the perfect tool for communicating with both staff and prospective customers.

So everyone has a phone. It doesn’t make you the next Steven Spielberg of course but it does allow you to create and capture your own content right at your fingertips. So self-shot content is ideal for use on various social media platforms. Quick snippets, vlog sound bites, content like that. Something that’s newsworthy or entertaining that sort of stuff is ideal, it’s obviously not professional so you’ve got to use it sparingly for pure marketing purposes as you could be seen a bit as a cheapskate otherwise and it can have an adverse effect on your brand if it’s not done well. But it is ideal for those quick entertaining sound bites. It provides something that’s a bit newsworthy or a bit of an insight. Some shot content of course can be utilised a lot more internally so CEOs, company directors etc can self shoot their own content at home and some video messages to all staff via an intranet or another internal platform, so people will obviously be keeping up to date with the newsworthy stuff, day to day stuff on Zoom and Google Hangouts. Make some pre-prepared self-shot content just to keep staff in the loop or boost morale and inform them of any major developments within the company could have a really positive impact, help boost morale and company culture.

So I’ve mentioned Zoom and Google Hangouts or other video conferencing leaders out there but what is great about these tools is the ability to record your own meetings or sessions so you could either create some content of your own within your own workshop or session or window, or with someone else on the call and then edit it afterwards. Of course you could use the recording just to walk someone through a presentation or better still, create some form of screen capture that could show someone how the process is done or how something is completed online. This can then all be edited together into a simple guide or a training program for example and then reused again and again and again. So this is ideal for increasing productivity or delivering training programs. In fact really that sort of screen capture style video could be used for a lot of different things.

There are plenty of different types of professional video content that producers can still produce in any lock-down situation. Take 2D animation for example. It’s ideal for recreating graphics from previously created icons or company assets that are already in development and then turning these into something that is eye-catching. 3D animation is the perfect tool for products, for demonstrations and process based information that’s out there. You’ve got stock video too, yeah it’s obviously not as good as your own but with a killer story line you could create a good piece of content and finally you can re-purpose an already existing film.

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