Video Content Ideas to Support your Business through COVID-19

With more staff now working from home, social distancing and access to sites more limited – there’s been a big shift in the ways in which companies communicate – with more emphasis now on digital communications.  These top 3 video content ideas might just come in useful for your company, department or business over the coming weeks and months ahead.

With more staff working remotely and businesses digitising their systems and processes – Animated explainer videos and ‘how to’ guides for staff, clients and contractors are key. Animated screen capture can provide information in a quick and easy to understand format. This reduces the need for bulky and complicated written documentation. Making procedures and systems much quicker to access and use by all staff reducing queries and issues. Online Training can also be provided effectively in this format allowing companies to adapt the way they do business with clients.

Keeping staff in the loop and boosting company morale through internal communication videos will also be a key area for businesses. Stakeholders such as CEOs, Directors and leaders can self shoot their own video content on a phone or tablet at home – and present this within a daily or weekly bulletin update. Self shot content can be professional edited and incorporated into presentations with slides and text alongside to provide bitesized information for staff to action .This keeps staff feeling connected to the business and well informed of new developments.

Companies now more than ever will need to stand out online to sell their products and services. Video content for social media, e-shots, websites, emails and PPC campaigns will need to be eye catching. With face to face meetings cancelled and exhibitions postponed business should think outside the box when using video content such as: Re-purposed content from previously filmed campaigns on site, the use of stock video 2D animation and 3D animation to create eye catching, professional visual campaigns to keep your company at the forefront.

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