As a Video Production Agency, in this blog we’ll be showing you how to create your own content right from the power of your fingertips, with our tried and tested tips and steps.

Step 1

Get your phone or tablet and switch it onto the camera mode.

Step 2

Find some support for it. If it’s a tablet it might have it’s own stand but if you’re using a phone then prop it up with some books or against a wall. better still if you have a small tripod like a gorilla pod then get it clamped so it’s stable.

Step 3

Check your background or location. Your background should be simple and de-cluttered and not detract from your message. Also are you facing a window… if so make sure you face away so you don’t appear as a silhouette.

Step 4

Lighting! Turn on your lights on if you’re inside and try record near a window so you get plenty of natural light on your face. If you’re outside the perfect. Once you’re happy then click and hold the screen to lock in your exposure – This stops it’s shifting from light to dark.

Step 5

Sound. Now this often get’s forgotten, even plugging in your hands-free device will make a difference as it’s a small mic that’s nearer to your face. If this isn’t possible then try to get as near to your device as possible.

Step 6

Start filming! You may have to record a few times to get it just right! If not then you’re clearly a natural and should think about switching careers.

Step 7

Editing. You should be able to make small edits directly from your device. If you’ve got a few spare seconds at the start and the end then adjust your clip to trim these off.

Step 8

Uploading. Think about where you want to post your video. Remember if it’s self shot I’d just keep it to your personal social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Quick soundbites, newsworthy content or something entertaining often works best.

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