Safety videos are now going to be a top priority for businesses as the world goes forward from the COVID-19 outbreak. Health and safety video production is always key but as we transition out of a global health crisis, these kinds of communications are even more important than they ever have been. Themes covering workplace social distancing are of course crucial and should be at the forefront of your internal communications to staff, contractors and visitors, regardless of the type of workplace. Whether it be in construction, in factories or all general workplaces.

Safety Videos: Modernising your Safety Content 1

However, what shouldn’t be ignored is your general health and safety communications, which may be easy to forget once you’re concentrating on COVID-19 safety. Yet, now is the perfect time to get this safety content back on top. The three to four month hiatus from work is the best time for a fresh start for your company, and your use of health and safety videos. Companies now are looking to modernise their communications. The COVID hiatus meant businesses got their back systems in place with new CRM, training and working from home tech in situ. If you’re in the construction or manufacturing sectors your usual safety communications should have a new lick of paint. Working from height, health and safety training videos, process safety and other subjects of safety for example are going to become more prevalent as your employees return to work, and if you’re hiring new staff.

Safety Videos: Modernising your Safety Content 2

This new lick of paint could be anything. Does your company already have health and safety videos? Possibly, you may want to reinvigorate these existing work safety videos. A video agency can rework your videos to develop something more relevant to the times or even more dynamic than your original video. Or possibly you’re looking for something totally fresh. This is where you should consider having an agency develop a professional safety video for you. A type of video that could include both social distancing rules and your usual health and safety regulations would be an ideal and unique type of video to have. Whilst it may not be relevant forever, you can always rework it to just include your normal regulations in the future. That’s the beauty of video, it can always be reworked and repurposed for other usages in the future.

If you’re wondering what type of video format you should have your video in, this all depends on what you want to say with your communications. Some things are better depicted with 2D or 3D animation for example. You can tell a story in ways you wouldn’t be able to achieve with animated video, and in the case of health and safety animation, colour, characters and a stroke of fun help to make your communications way more engaging than anything else. Live action filming is ideal for on -site safety, where we need to see real life working practices and procedures. These sorts of safety videos may incorporate technical training elements too for operators, technicians and engineers.

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