Parody Marketing is becoming more prevalent due to the influence of social media video content and the many platforms there are, and also the fame of viral videos. Whilst it is not a new type of corporate video production, it is something that a lot of people don’t take seriously as a credible video form, and that’s understandable, yet these videos are understated. Lots of these videos take a comedic edge, and due to that there are a lot more companies out there willing to change up their brand to demonstrate more personality, and to break out from the norm of your average corporate video production.

Parody Marketing videos allow you not only a chance to represent your brand and product, but also to show you and your team in a different environment where the possibilities of creating a funny video are endless. Because they’re not a common type of video for businesses, having parody content for your marketing can make your company stick out in the crowd. Here’s an example of one of our video productions that we created for a mattress manufacturer:

The COVID-19 crisis has also pushed my companies into creating parody marketing, just to lift the mood and create something more light hearted. In time like these people are down and have many fears and concerns. That’s why incorporating a little bit of humour into your marketing can make all the difference. We created a piece of content parodying the Zoom craze that has been sweeping the world since the lockdown started, which you can check out below. It helps to keep people entertained and perked up in what is quite a distressing time, and any and every company should try to raise spirits as much as possible, so you keep in mind for your viewers for when the crisis is over and your company is back to normal.

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