What is a corporate video production company?

A corporate video production company specialises in video production services, which can consist of live video work with other services such as, 2D and 3D animated video, drone videography and 360 degree video.

How much does a corporate video production company cost?

Corporate video production costs differ depending on what exactly is involved with the production. The video duration is also a factor, longer videos will often require more editing time which can effect the overall cost of the video production. Some videos can also be produced as part of a campaign, this is a cost effective way to get more videos from an existing corporate video project. To get the best out of your budget it is best to discuss your intentions with your video agency to strategise the best option.

Why is working with a corporate video production company important for your business?

Corporate video is a key mode of communication and an effective way of engaging your audience, especially today. Video production is incredibly relevant and can help your company to stand out from the crowd with a great story told through the mode of video. There are many videos that companies can create themselves such as short social media clips, showcasing newsworthy content. These DIY style videos are ideal for those ‘quick and dirty’ content ideas to keep your network up to date on your latest developments. When businesses are communicating via sales presentations, their website and in business meetings then professional content is preferential to ensure your brand stands out and looks professional.

What does a corporate video production company need to make a video?

A plethora of things are needed to create video, including a crew, equipment and any catering and expenses for overnight stay and travel. Most video agencies will have these things in house but may need extra equipment and video crew members depending on the shoot. If you are wanting additional specific elements like an animated section of video, a freelance animator may be hired by the video company to help create sections for your overall video, so this means using high quality and specialist skillsets. This is similar for drone and 360 video, where the video agency will hire a pilot who will have their own equipment for the shoot.

What types of video production can a corporate video production company develop for your business?

There are a number of different types of corporate video a production company can create:

  1. The case study video is focused on detailed storytelling through the eyes of the customer showcasing a project before and after.
  2. The marketing and promo video is all about creating a ‘movement’ and engagement in your brand. Themed around a topic this video should educate and inspire.
  3. Parody Marketing videos allow you not only a chance to represent your brand and product, but also to show you and your team in a different environment where the possibilities of creating a funny video are endless.
  4. Commercial training videos are an ideal tool for businesses looking to package and sell their own content and areas of expertise.

There are of course many more!

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