Drone Videography: Excelling to new heights

Drone Videography has become a prominent form of filmmaking in the last decade. The ability to film anything without access being a restriction is something that many sectors are moving to utilise for their companies. Drone Videography can do so much for your company that a regular film production can't, and the development of modern technology only reinforces this. Our drone film client Thompsons of Prudhoe helped us put together a short testimonial on why this service worked for them: What are some of the benefits to drone videography? What's great to know first off about drone film is how affordable it is and how much time it saves in comparison to the alternative (shots from a helicopter!) One drone pilot and a days shoot will enable you to capture a lot of footage, potentially across multiple sites. This can be used as 'bolt on' feature to add impact and that WOW factor to your existing video project or the footage could be used for surveying various areas, land and buildings. Vast sites can be captured quickly and easily with the use of a drone. They are quick to set up and once the survey has been performed first and you've got the all clear, you're good to fly. Drone film has many purposes and can be beneficial to any type of industry. In the construction sector for example, drones can be used to capture property and land development. [...]

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360 Video: A View of the Future

360 Video Production is shaping up to be one of the biggest advancements for modern video production. It's so advanced that you can create 360 video straight from your fingertips, with your smart-phone. But what exactly is 360 video production? Well, it's exactly what it says on the tin. It is essentially a video that has been filmed with a 360 degree camera, allowing the audience to navigate around the entire landscape of the video as it plays. It's prized strength has to be the immersive capabilities for its audiences. A simple video is great, but why not give your viewers something extra? This form of video allows them to explore your story and your world, on their terms. We have been working with Highgrove to produce a series of drone videos, and just recently we have moved to provide 360 video for them. Our client Dave Price has provided a testimonial on why 360 video has benefitted the company so much: What can 360 video do to benefit your company? Instead of taking an array of photos or creating a straightforward video, you can make a single 360 photo to encapsulate all the information you want to show. More information and content means more intrigue and consumer awareness. 360 video production is the 'in' thing right now for corporate video. Getting involved with it whilst it's as popular as ever will make your company look hugely relevant. Your audience may [...]

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