It’s the start of a new year, and you’re ready for your company to take a bold and sharp new turn with your marketing. How do you best present the story of your company? Your values and ideals, in the form of something exciting and engaging? There’s an instant answer for this, and it’s video. For us, the best part of the video production process is working with you to deliver that story. For you, it may be the same, and that’s why if you’re planning to use video for your company this year, we want you to get the most out of the experience.

Since this will all be new for you, or possibly a return to video, we want to provide a guide on what you can really get from the experience other than just a shiny new video at the end. Start your company’s year off right and make the most of it!

Embrace your vision

The team you’ll be working with need to know from the get-go what your vision is. This is where you can explain properly how you want your brand and values demonstrated in your video, how you want your story to be told. State your goals, and also tell them what you don’t want. The aim is to get your story as perfect as possible, so you need to be crystal clear with them.

Work with a specialist

It’s important to remember that video production companies do this all the time. With that in mind it’s crucial to see what they can do for you and see if their experiences can help improve your story. Creative collaboration is a must, and if they can offer you advice and concepts that could change your vision for the better, hear them out! Working with a specialist is a particular good idea if you come from a particular sector. Their knowledge will only enhance the communication around your product or service. Their hints and tips will also give you that edge ahead of the competition.

Think outside the box… and for the future.

Think about what else you can get from the video production experience. With us for example, we offer a special Behind the Scenes video alongside your film, which you can use for extra marketing here and there. Or how about you take some pictures during the shoot to put on your Instagram story? Showing the progress of your video to your followers builds up hype for the finished product. Why not ask the team to cut a small teaser together to build even more hype before the launch? There’s plenty of things you could do, so why not check with your video production team on how you can further this. They should be giving you more than just your standard video, it’s all about the full experience.

Utilising your budget

Dream big, sure. Just don’t forget your budget! It’s good to be enthusiastic to the point where you’d like to do a whole lot with your video, ambition is never a bad thing. Yet, it’s wise to consider how much you have to spend. Think about the money spent on the crew, the equipment, even the fuel needed to get to and from location! Everything counts. So, it’s worth mapping out how you’re going to spend your budget with the producer and team. Of course, make your vision count in this, but remember to be realistic with the budget you have.

Are you getting the results you expected?

Video marketing is extremely important, keeping it fresh and in front of perspective customers is what counts the most. If you’re not sure on how to keep your video standing out amongst the crowd or have the available resources, then ensure you select a video company to do this for you. It’s important to select a video agency who knows video SEO and the keywords used in your video title and description on YouTube. It’s important to take into account as this can potentially make your video do well on Google searches! Asking how they would market the video themselves on social media or even on their own website could really open your eyes, giving you some insight into how you can keep your video relevant for years to come.

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