We’ve all seen them. GIFs are everywhere. Moving images, short animated videos, without sound, that continue over and over on a loop. Often small, and very popular on social media. These little snippets are great for marketing. How so? Well many social media sites are prone to show images and very short videos in their algorithms over longer forms of media. Research has also shown that using a mix of colour and visuals increase the willingness to view the content by 80%. Colourful imagery does really help to increase your audience’s engagement, and having an animated version of these images will only drive this harder.

Why you should use GIFs in your marketing 1

GIFs only last a few seconds, or however long you wish them to be. For this reason, their file size is significantly smaller making the process of uploading and loading them much more efficient and speedier. They’re also usually short and sweet, so people don’t spending a minimal amount of time watch them. And if they’re as good as they should be, the entertaining and eye-catching nature of them and how you’ve produced them will encourages viewers to watch more of them. These reasons help them to be a prime piece of content for all kinds of social media platforms. As well as this, due to their small size and unique engagement aspects, they can also work in emails and e-shots or in PowerPoint presentations. So if you’re wanting to show a small and short clip to meet these requirements, a GIF is a great idea. 

Not to mention how quick, easy, and cheap they are to produce. If you’re looking to create your own, it’s a lot easier than you think. There are a lot of free sites you can visit to convert short clips and photo compilations into GIFs. The best, easiest and cheapest way to create a GIF is by using GIPHY.com, the most popular site for finding and sharing GIFs. You can find out more about how you can create your own GIF by checking out our online video course on the subject. Also consider asking the video production company you’re partnered up with to help you with this. They can easily and in no time at all create a batch of GIFs from any of the footage you have.

Why you should use GIFs in your marketing 2

GIFs are a perfect tool and will continue to be a rising trend in which social media platforms will always support the format. So, if you’d like to set up your marketing up for some great success, then you know the best type of content you should be posting. If it’s not or a image or a video, you should always consider a GIF!

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