Drone videography is the use of a drone camera to capture large landscapes and cityscapes from a birds eye view position.

Drone technology allows cameras to go above and beyond what was once possible to produce breath-taking imagery.

With a skilled pilot at the helm, a drone can film all around your site, on top, as close as you need, and even inside a building. This can be for site survey, inspection and for marketing purposes.

The popularity of using drones has escalated over the past few years and for the construction sector this has been a key way of capturing site progress on an epic scale and showcase this to your audience.

Its popularity is always increasing as the technology improves, as does the amount of people devoting their careers to being drone pilots.

Elements of drone videography:

  • Drone aerial filming – the filming from a drone of an area, landscape or building
  • Aerial photography – the capture of images from a drone
  • Building surveying – inspection and filming of a building or one under construction
  • Internal surveying – inspection and drone shooting of the inside of a building or area
  • Site surveying – inspection and filming of the area of a proposed construction project

For the construction sector in particular, drones allow for easy capture of a site or landscape, that you couldn’t possibly do with a film crew. The pilot can do multiple shoots showing the progression of your site, allowing you to update your audience on what’s new and what your site will eventually become.

Drones are also a useful tool for site surveys, to help measure areas of land or provide a closer inspection of a tower or tank for example that may require maintenance.

Take flight for breathtaking aerial film and photography with approved operators.

With experience in drone video production, aerial filming and photography, we can provide you with a totally unique perspective to your story.

Capturing all scales of sites, inside and out, drone is the perfect antidote to anything we might call ‘normal’, a dynamic and impactful aerial video having plenty of wow factor to liven up any video production.

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