As a Video Animation Company, we’re very proud of the vast amounts of animation work we’ve done for many of our clients. Whether that be 2D animation or 3D animation, its a form of video that can communicate a lot of things better than a live action video. So why is that, and why is animated video so important to us?

Why we took on Video Animation Production 1

Animated video allows you to utilise lots of different tools to personalise your brand and give it character. It brings a fresh spark and adds something new whilst adding a touch of personality that’s different from other types of video production. 2D animated video and 3D animation will stand out to your audience and catch their eye, especially when visualising something new or unseen before. Characters can be integrated within your animations, incorporating colours and creating various styles from cartoon like to a more professional style.

Animation can help to simplify topics in a more streamlined and visual way. With the help of a video animation company, you can visualise how processes work, tell a story or take someone on a journey. A 2D model can be used for a high level communication, simplifying complex topics or subject matter that’s naturally more unengaging. An animated format can transform this into something that totally different, eye catching and worth watching.

Why we took on Video Animation Production 2

Animation allows you to also create any kind of environment or scene. This means you’re not waiting for access or special permissions to film somewhere as you can just create it from the tip of your fingers. If you needed to present your project in what could be a hazardous or hard to reach environment for example, 3D animation in particular can create a world for you to show your project without those barriers. This in turn allows you again to show how something apply to a particular environment or a particular process within a particular place.

With all this in consideration, this is why animation production is such a massive part and decision we made for Shot Blast Media. That, and this past year it has been a saving grace during the pandemic, not just for us, but for those who have needed it. With lockdown and natural restrictions stopping us from creating live video production, animation, a form of content that can be made on a computer, has been incredibly handy to have as a service. We’re very thankful to have it, and we know that many others will be too.

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