We all love a good review. Knowing that you and your business delivered service outstandingly to a happy customer is always a great feeling. It’s also key to get these reviews shared, to advertise to your future clients to show how good you really are! But we know of an alternate way of showing your feedback to potential clients, one that is very unique and opportune for many companies.

We’re talking about video testimonials! So many businesses are turning to video testimonials for their marketing campaigns. As video storytellers ourselves, we’ve put together a guide on why this genius idea is a perfect fit for any business looking to gain some new attention from their feedback. We’ve been producing our own testimonials this week, so we thought we’d give you a helping hand with yours.

A personal touch

It may sound obvious, but a video testimonial really is a personal experience for any viewer. Actually having the reviewer sat, talking to a camera and giving an honest opinion feels so much more natural and real. It’s almost as if the reviewer is talking to your new viewers one on one. Anyone can write a testimonial, but capturing it on video just gives it that extra special touch. Videos trigger emotions, and if your viewer senses these feelings in the testimonial are real and authentic, they’re more than likely to take a keen interest and trust in what is being said.

Keep things authentic

Authenticity is crucial for video testimonials, so we want you to make sure that if you’re planning on making some, make them from the heart. Make sure your client is honest, professional and what they say comes from the heart. People can tell when someone is dishonest in a review, and you want yours to be the very best. Let your client say what they want to say, let them be as genuine as possible for the best result. Asking lots of open questions to cover different aspects of your product and services can provide a variety of insights and help your audience understand why your client decided to work with you in the first place.

Have a variety

Depending on your business and what services you provide, it’s a good idea to have a range of testimonials that cover all areas of your offering. For example, for us, we have testimonials covering animation and drone videos. Both different, and both types of video that people will want to know more about and how they have affected other clients. For you, having a range of client testimonials covering different aspects of your business could really help to pull in customers looking for something similar.

An increased chance of a share

Video is without a doubt a preference to text, and with that, people are more likely to share a video. Sure, people search for reviews, but your testimonials are recommendations. That being said, your viewers are likely to share these recommendations with people they think will find some benefit from them, and so on. Promoting your testimonials through social channels and tagging your clients will double the coverage benefitting both companies.

Get creative

Whilst you may have some limitations in how you produce your video testimonial, i.e if it’s filmed on a phone or tablet –  it doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative. You can add some interesting flare to your editing process and play around with different effects and grading (nothing too distracting!) This just adds a little bit of creativity and personality to your company, and to how your client delivers their message.

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