QR codes are everywhere nowadays. On the web, in print, on packaging and other media. Some would say they’re the perfect form of marketing as they are super easy to use. Using your smartphone’s camera to scan one of these only takes a second and they often lead you to a particular URL you want to promote or to open a PDF document. They have become increasingly popular since COVID-19 too as they reduce physical contact and link you directly to websites where you can purchase online.

Why should you make and use QR codes? 1

But how exactly can you utilise these marketing wonders for your business, and why should you use them? Well as said, they’re everywhere, they’re probably one of the most recognisable forms of digital marketing outside of social media. They’re a quick link for anyone to get to your site in an instant, just from hovering over the code. Typing in links can be temperamental on smartphones and getting to the right website can sometimes be a pain depending on the circumstances. A QR code saves time, it’s cost effective and it’s recognisable. If your audiences notice you have one of these associated with your business or product –  they’ll know you’re ahead with digital marketing trends helping you to stand out and differentiate from the competition. 

They’re also great for promotions, sending someone a secret and exclusive code feels mysterious and special, a feeling that anyone would want. Scan this code for exclusive content. This language is crucial. It’s an invitation to view something unique and unexpected – you never know where the link will take you! Plus they’re easy to distribute, they work particularly well when printed on your product packaging – the link then might take you to an installation or set up video – providing the consumer with some valuable information in a quick and easy to use format. This helps professionalise your brand and increase brand awareness.

Why should you make and use QR codes? 2

It would be used anywhere, printed on brochures, packaging, leaflets, trade show stands, possibly on vehicle livery too. The key is to make sure that people are scanning your code as much as possible and the placement of it makes sense in relation to the link you’re wanting people to click on. For example having it on a car might take you to a servicing option or provide people with a link to your website. Other possible uses might be on merchandise that you plan to hand out at a careers fair for example – linking to a recruitment campaign or careers page on your company website. The code can also be embedded within video or used as an end card on your YouTube channel asking your audience to interact and link to somewhere else .

The simple message here is to plaster your code everywhere, where it’s relevant. The more you get it out there, the more people are going to interact with it – driving traffic to your chosen links.

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