Podcasts are everywhere nowadays. They are essentially small radio shows, where various personalities discuss a specific topic regarding the genre of said show. The great things about podcasts is that they are easily accessible for anyone and everyone to make, and you can make one on just about anything. This blog is here to give you some inspiration into making your own, as they are without a doubt a very popular trend that more businesses could benefit from. Their popularity is always reaching new heights, and here’s why.

Why a Podcast Is a Unique Marketing Tool For Your Business 1

First of all, everyone is listening to a podcast now. This could be anything, including listening to conversations on the radio on the way to work. The audio format is very accessible for people to get behind. Video is great, and some podcasts use video as well as an audio format. But audio is a lot more ‘on the go.’ Listeners can access and enjoy a podcast wherever they are, whether that be driving to work as mentioned before, or having a jog or walk. Since podcasts are available on most music and audio platforms like Spotify and iTunes, everyone can access them instantly.

But why do people listen to podcasts? Well being that there are so many podcasts that cover a plethora of different subjects, there is always something for everyone. This factor, and people enjoying listening to what other people have to say about what their favourite subjects. Whether it be a review, a discussion or teaching you about a certain thing. It’s great to listen and understand different perspectives and takes and almost feel like you’re part of this very casual conversation these people are having. With them not being cut it feels like you’re witnessing it all in real time, and there’s a very personal appeal to that.

Why a Podcast Is a Unique Marketing Tool For Your Business 2

Why would a podcast be perfect for your marketing? Well applying everything already said, depending on what your business is, a podcast can be a very unique promotion method for your brand. Having your audience get to know you and your team on a personal level – regardless of the subject, and makes your listeners feel like they know you, and can trust your brand. But what would you make your podcast about? Well it could be absolutely anything. If your company is a tech company for example, reviewing or looking at different types of technology would be a great subject to cover. Or perhaps it’s just about business practises, how to run a business, how to work in a team etc. Teaching your listeners can offer something even more powerful than just a pleasant ‘listening to a conversation’ experience. Teach your listeners about what you know best, there are plenty of people out there wanting to learn as many different skills as they can!

On top of all this, they’re easy enough to make. All you need is a microphone and a subject. You can upload your podcast anywhere, YouTube being the free outlet. But if you want to get your podcast on Spotify and Apple, paying a monthly fee for an RSS feed can get your podcast out there further and all you have to do is upload each episode to your feed and it will go up everywhere automatically. Whilst a conversation can go on for hours, the actual making of the content is easy and fun. Making a podcast episode every now and again can do something for your marketing other methods can’t: offer a unique way of connecting with your audience and being an enjoyable thing for not just your listeners, for you and your team to make as well.

To check our Lights, Camera, Conversation podcast, listen to our YouTube playlist here or check out our Spotify playlist below.

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