Interactive videos can provide a number of different clickable actions in relation to the content that is being watched.

Interactive video is an ideal tool to help enhance a corporate video production that requires some interaction and input from the user. You can use interactive video for a number of different experiences:

  • To create a training course
  • To develop an e-learning programme
  • To create an immersive marketing experience
  • To convey policies and procedures in a more interactive manner
  • For site induction programmes and new starter guides

Elements of interactive video:

  • Hotspots: clickable buttons or areas that take you to another segment of the video or reveal something new for you to see in the same frame or scene.
  • 360 views: the functionality for your audience to drag the screen within a video frame to get a 360 degree experience.
  • Branches: these give your audience the opportunity to choose the way they view the video, interacting with different options that can give them a totally unique view of the content.
  • Data inputs: form fields in which your audience can enter their own information for you to view, such as their name and contact details for example.
  • Quizzes: perfect for virtual training courses, these combine a mix of buttons and branching paths to create a quiz in which your audience can be assessed on certain topics.

Interactive video is an incredibly innovative tool for marketing. In a digital world, businesses are looking to find new and inventive ways to revolutionise their digital marketing. Interactive video production can offer a new way to promote your brand.

For example, an e-brochure can be designed using an interactive video, and will allow your customer to decide what they want to know more about. They can click on a number of options that route through a series of questions, links, videos etc to present them with different outcomes.

This interactive layer offers another form of engagement with your audience, giving them the control to make choices and decisions about what they want to see.

This is empowering for companies who want to guide customers through a series of short questions, ultimately presenting them with the best products or outcomes.

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