TikTok is a social media app that allows users to create and share short videos. TikTok is mainly used for sharing funny or creative videos. It has been downloaded by more than 500 million people and it has over 30 million daily active users. The app has become popular because of its simplicity, it’s free and the content can be shared easily on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. TikTok can be used in many different ways, such as showing how you feel at a certain moment in time or to share your thoughts with friends or followers.

TikTok is very popular among young people but the user base is growing to include a vast amount of people of different ages. Which is why many companies and businesses are jumping on the hype train to have their own TikTok account, to post their own original social media videos. The app is relatively easy to use in creating the content, everything is there for you to create a video with next to no editing and video making knowledge.

Why should you be using TikTokfor your content, is probably the question you’re thinking? If the growing user base wasn’t enough to make you consider it, then it should be the fact that the videos you can create can save time, money and give you a lot of experience for the video content you can produce just from your phone.

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Anyone looking into creating short social media videos should consider TikTok, despite the reputation it has for being something young people use a lot. It’s capabilities allure more and more companies to it every day. The fact your video can be seen very quickly due to uses of certain keywords, hashtags and creative duets includes with the app, just amplifies how strong this can get you engagement.

And of course, these videos aren’t just shared on TikTok. Most people come across these videos on other sites usually, Twitter and Facebook having a lot of them on their various pages and feeds. The great thing about them is that they watermark your username so anyone can follow your account from anywhere. Impression wise a TikTok is so sharable that it could appear anywhere and give you a lot of traction.

What could you videos be about? Well they could be about anything. TikTok is a very casual and laid back app for video content but that doesn’t mean you can’t air your brand values and messages on it in interesting ways. The amount of different creative options the app gives you for your videos means your have plenty of opportunities to try different things that could reflect your brand well. You can also use it to post the progress of your business or share behind the scenes footage of what goes on in your company. You can even post content from other sources, such as tutorials on how to do something, or quotes by famous people who are relevant to your industry. TikTok is an easy way to reach a new audience and spread the word about what you do!

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