Hi I’m Lotty from Shot Blast Media and I’m going to give you three top tips on how to work with your existing content to get the most from it. The first thing you can think about is accessing the B-roll. The B-roll is the kind of supplementary footage that would go alongside your main communication, so if you’d shot a case study video for example you’d have people giving an interview or giving a narrative, this would be the kind of cutaway material that would sit on top. The great thing about b-roll is variety so out of a b-roll shot you may have 40 or 50 clips worth of usable content. Some of the b-roll clips might require a little bit of editing so that could just be tidying them up at the start and finish of the shot and then giving a little bit of colour information in there just to brighten the footage. This sort of stuff you could do yourself, so you could use an app potentially or if you’ve got access to Adobe software then Premiere Pro is a great piece of kit you can use. Failing that you can always get back in touch with the production company that shot it and ask them to prepare the b-roll for you.

The second way that you can work with existing content is looking at your video clips and taking screenshots or images from them. A lot of companies now will shoot 4k footage so you can put the footage into the software and pull out stills for the video themselves. You can use this kind of content for a multitude of different things really so you could use it on your website to update some images on there, you could pop it on Google My Business – this has a My Photos section and in there you can upload information about your business, put some business pictures up there so that’s a great forum if you’re not already using it. Or of course you could use it on typical social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook LinkedIn etc.

Finally something else you can think about is your YouTube channel, so have you got existing content on there already? Yes. If so, how many videos? Go back and have a look through the descriptions, the titles, and the keywords. If you’ve made any changes to your website recently you may have updated it with some new keywords or you’re wanting to optimize for different keywords, go back and have a look through YouTube channel using new and updated tags, even refreshing the thumbnail and giving that a unique design or a feature is a great way of drawing more attention and traffic towards your YouTube videos.

These ideas are all designed to be done on an incredibly low budget or no budget at all so it shouldn’t really cost you anything other than a little bit of time and effort to refresh your content.

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