The internet has seen a massive surge of videos over the last year with video content now accounting for around 74% of internet traffic (KPCB).  But there is one type of video which has proved to be especially popular, particularly among businesses. The rise of the “how –to” video has been caused by many factors and there is a great opportunity for businesses to embrace them with huge benefit.

Customer Preference

“How to” videos are the quickest and easiest way to engage with your customers. They provide fast, effective tutelage at the touch of a button and are the most convenient way for people to seek information about a product or process.  With the rise of automated customer service centres and lengthy call waits, people would much rather seek online advice in the form of a video which provides the added value of a visual demo. They can also condense lengthy processes and provide support for different stages of a process.

Business Efficiency

The main benefit to businesses using “how to” videos is the time they save and improved organisational efficiency. They generally reduce the number of customer call outs and the pressure on customer services teams and are the perfect way to answer FAQ’s.  They free up resource which can be allocated elsewhere in the business, saving time and money.

Visibility & Credibility

Having short, helpful, added value video tools for your audience to watch can massively increase your visibility and can also do wonders for your brand awareness. People trust businesses which provide videos around their products and services, giving your business increased credibility, which is fundamental success. 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process.

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