Videos are a powerful medium of communication. They can be used to educate and inform people on a variety of topics.

This is why a variety of companies, especially construction and manufacturing businesses, are now utilising health and safety instructions via video form.

The importance of clear health and safety instructions in video form is huge because it informs viewers about how they can keep themselves safe from harm when using the product or equipment.

At Shot Blast Media, we specialise in creating direct and coherent health and safety videos.

Below are some top tips that we use in order to produce the best and the most logical health and safety videos for our clients:

– Make sure that there is a voiceover that is easy to understand

– Make sure that there is a clear script

– Use graphics and animation to showcase your points clearly

– Keep your videos short and concise

– Make sure the video is colourful, memorable and intriguing so that the audience captures the information effectively

– Highlight the main risks and dangers of using the product or equipment

– Have a summary of the main points at the end of the video

– Ensure you have a conclusive ending

Health & Safety videos can focus on a wide variety of topics that fall under general health and safety.

Health and safety training videos are probably the most popular type of health & safety video production. Training videos are used by sites when they want to detail key bits of information for staff, contractors and visitors attending a site.

Good health and safety videos provide simple but effective safety information in a style and format that’s easy to understand and interesting to watch.

Looking to create a memorable health and safety video for your business? Contact Shot Blast Media today, at [email protected] to find out more.

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