Marketers should always be at the forefront of trends, for their own brand and for their clients. Our roles are naturally surrounded by an endless stream of questions, and everyone wants today questions answered yesterday.

This post will shed some light on the top 5 upcoming trends based on the predictions of top innovators within the marketing and advertising world.

1. Brands will get more creative with formats to stand out from competition.

Content marketing so far has been mostly based around blogs, press releases and other written formats. Visual content will become more important to all businesses.

Visual based content will benefit your business by engaging with a growing online viewer base.

Sujan Patel, growth and content marketing expert and co founder of Web Profits, says: “In 2017, content will get shorter, sweeter, more unique and punchy.”

2. Mobile will be the centre of marketing.

We’re all aware of influences from the evolution of mobile devices and handy gadgets.

The further development into 2017 will have a direct affect on marketing. The focus will shift to smaller screens, quick engaging daily snaps, 360 degree video and real time traffic updates based on mobile signals.

Alex Hesz, director of digital, adam&eveDDB, says:

“Mobile Internet in the developing world: Mobile has been in every one of these lists for two decades. And always correctly so.

The next wave will matter. Because mobile web access will change the lives of billions of people over the next five years. Whole communities, whole regions, previously left without the sheer wonder (we’re used to it, but the mobile web is utterly, literally wonderful) of mobile data will gain access to it via projects like Google’s Android One, bringing affordable, capable, up-to-date devices to the developing world.”

3. Engagement will become even more essential.

Customers are seeking engagement from brands. This trend will continue, customers want to know that your brands are genuine and that they can engage with the personalities within.

This form of interaction will add huge value to your business. Social media will be the place that most of this essential engagement will take place.

Noah Brier, co founder of Percolate, says: “Facebook now makes more money on advertising than most of the major television networks and it’s showing no signs of letting up.”

Social will be integrated into the broader marketing discipline, it’ll be expected of all company’s if they want to be successful.

4. User generated content takeover

According to statistics from a study conducted by Nielson Online, 82% of online consumers consider user generated reviews extremely valuable, around 41% read 4-7 reviews before purchasing to get a feel for company’s track record.

Branding will quickly become a two way conversation between company and consumer through social media and platforms such as google review. The ease of the customer’s journey is now becoming more important than ever.

People don’t want to be marketed too, by creating engagement and conversations at customer touch points the public will market your company through reputation. 2017 will be all about making people understand and care for your brand and want to share it with others.

5. All hail video

70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium, and only 24% of brands are using it?

Race ahead of your competitors, show your personality and engage with your viewers with one simple medium. Social media platforms such as Facebook are optimising feeds to improve video viewing experiences.

The increase of mobile users also means that if you create a video, you have your viewers undivided attention as a video takes up a full screen. Video is an important factor in boosting your website in terms of search engine optimisation (SEO), as Google owns Youtube, when you make use of both regularly you’re likely to end up reaping the benefits.

Spencer Baim, chief strategic officer of Vice, says: “Great marketers will find a brand story that is worth following, and will create chapters to this story that evolve over time.”

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